Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disgustingly Cute

       We've been very spoiled by so many amazing and amazingly generous gifts from family and friends over the past few months. There would be ab-so-lutely no way that we would be prepared for our little man without all the help that we've received. And I've had the pleasure of getting to put away all the goodies in our nursery. I thought I'd share a round up of the disgustingly cute, can't wait to put them on him, please don't grow out of them, clothes that we received. 
So, in no particular order, here are just some of our favorites. 

My sis had this custom made with a certain bike loving 
father-to-be in mind.
I can't pull off overalls 
(I gave it a good try in highschool),
but our little buddy sure can.
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do this justice, 
but my aunt hunted down this amazing little beach-ensemble. 
Yes, thats a surfer-esque water shirt and yes, 
Baby M will be going to the beach just to show off his digs.
One of my favorites, since the moment I saw it, is this little number.
 I'm determined to hunt down a matching navy sweater vest for his dad.
Thank you Grandma Babs!
Here's another amazing one that my sister hunted down.
That's a "Mommy" and "Me" onesie.
And some more that we can't wait to slip on him...

Oh, and another custom made piece, 
that we think is just perfect.
Clearly, I'm no clothing stylist and the shots are far from great 
(really hoping to upgrade our camera soon!) but you get the idea. 
And by no means is this a comprehensive pile of all the adorable things we love
just some that I had to share. 

We're at 37 weeks now and just waiting patiently now...


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  2. Megan! You look amazing :) Kelsey, Serene, Mar, Sara and I were driving down to SB for the 4th and were talking about how cute of a pregger you are. Just wanted to say hi! PS- you have to tell me where your sis got the custom dirt bike onesie. Super cute! --Suzanne Swarner