Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Get-Away: Part 2

  I'm back with our second installment of our camping extravaganza!  
Here are a few more shots of our adventures at Scotts Flat Lake.

Jon tried to tackle the lake again on Sunday. 
He was determined, but Blue jumping in the water may have hindered his chances a bit. 
Jon did finally get up the nerve to hop in the water. 
Now this is where I should probably insert the rest of our Sunday pictures. 
However Meg + Bikini + Lack of Any Tan + 3 days without a shower = 
Those pictures aren't available for the general publics viewing. 
If only I could figure out how to work a little photoshop magic. 

On Sunday afternoon, the lovely Millers came up to join us. 
We hadn't spent time with them in soooo long so it was nice to catch up. Somehow in all of the catching up I failed to snap many good shots of us but I did get a few. 

While I know the Miller's love us, I think they love their morning coffee even more. Seriously. 
They brought along their dogs including the tiny terror. Ms. Millie. 
Lindy and I, looking a little rough around the edges. 
At this point, I wear whatever fits.
    And one last sweet one to leave you with. 
This is before we headed off to pack up, and headed home for much needed showers. 
       We wrapped up the weekend with Dairy Queen blizzards on our way home (a BIG once a year treat for us. And they did not disappoint) and pizza from our favorite restaurant. We're already counting down the weeks until the next holiday weekend. 4th of July my friend. 

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