Wednesday, June 23, 2010

36 Weeks

And feelin' mighty fine.
       36 weeks people. Do the math. 40 - 36 = 4. Yes, 4 weeks remaining! Are we ready? I have no idea.

       We had our doctors appointment this week and we're up about 25 lbs. The belly hasn't grown for the past two weeks and is still measuring about 34 cm. Yesterday I cleaned my desk at work, because if my water went "POP" I didn't want people to be cleaning my desk and talking about what a messy girl I was. While I was talking to my client today I told him he'll have to excuse me if my water breaks this week during his conference. Too much information possibly? 
       I will admit, I have become a full on waddler. I've still avoided back pain and swollen ankles, and I'm still sleeping like a rock through the night. Jon and I are hitting the gym together about 3-4 times a week, and I'm still out there waddling as much as I can. And with all of the tank tops and shorts coming out of the wood work in Tahoe, I'm feeling okay in my oversized t-shirts and forgiving pants. Yesterday I found myself in the grocery store staring at all the different types of ice cream. Why, because I'm 9 months pregnant and its Summer. And if I can't eat whatever ice cream I want now, when can I. 
Without further ado...

At night this kid can make some pretty big rumblings (as he's doing right now). 
He's taking up so much space in that cozy little home of his that his punches have turned into big bulges as he moves around. According to the books, he should be weighing about 5.75 lbs now. 
       Oh, and those T-A-H-O-E letters in the background? Those would be one of the last additions to the soon-to-be revealed finished nursery. I just need to find an hour of quiet time to finish my last project. 


  1. Meg:
    1- No, you are not ready. :)
    2- Enjoy sleeping like a rock. T-minus 4 weeks until you will never be able to utter those words again. :)
    3- And as far as "when you can eat whatever ice cream again"... you can eat whatever you darn well please for pretty much as long as you breastfeed. It's like a major calorie burn you don't even know you're doing. Plus, good luck finding time to make a decent lunch, or getting lunch at all. A bowl of ice cream is a just fine mid-day calorie boost.

    Love to you and Jon. Good luck in your next four weeks... cheering for you guys!


  2. Where was blue in the new pics??