Monday, September 5, 2011

A Book of Memories

       Whew! As a family, we are exhausted. Poor Nolan has been having growing pains (or teething, we really aren't quite sure), which means he's been sleeping lots but whining when he's not sleeping. And the whining... oh the whining. We can hardly handle it. We've also been trying to savor the last few weeks of Summer (and warm weather!), but they seemed to have slipped by too quickly. Jon continues to work like a madman. Literally, a madman. He must be mad to actually be keeping up his schedule.
      But, back to the post at hand. With Buzz approaching the 14 month mark, I've been trying to wrap up his babybook.   I knew if I didn't kick myself to really finish it, then it may go almost finished, but not quite done forever. So here it is, a glimpse at how his book-o-memories has turned out.
I like the book that we found for him. 
It took me a while to find something that I liked, 
but I'm glad that I settled on this one.
You can find it here.
It includes a book and drawer for saving momentos, 
as well as lots of nifty envelopes and stickers
for adding in additional keepsakes. 

The content of the book was simple, 
but I think that's why I liked it. 
There was plenty of room for photos. 
And a spot to add his ultrasounds.
I tucked away goodies from his baby showers.

And I included a wrap up on his nursery. 
Of course, we saved some important keepsakes from his birth. 
Like his foot prints, newspaper birth announcement, and medical bracelets.
One of my favorite things about the book
is that it had a place for month by month photos and milestones.
Each month, 
I tried to update the book to include a recent photo, 
and I wrote in milestones as they occurred. 

The book also has a place to add photos 
from our first vacation, first holiday together, 
and his first hair cut. 
The book wrapped up with a few pages for remembering his 1st Birthday!

In the drawer of the memory box, 
I tucked away several things from his first year. 
I included all of the cards we received at his birth and birthday, 
his first shoes (although I lost one of them!), 
and the story of his birth. 

I also plan on adding to the drawer a onesie, 
my favorite hat of his, and a 
photo CD with picures and videos from his first year.
If I can only summon the energy to finish it!
I'm hoping to wrap it up tonight (crossed fingers), 
and tuck it away with our other valuable momentos.  
Hopefully someday in the waaay future Nolan will
share it with his wife and kids (now that's a crazy thought!). 
I wonder if I'll keep this up for baby #2?

Oh, and we are absolutely, positvely, 
not expecting a number 2 anytime soon!