Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to our backyard

       Being 9 months pregnant + Living in Tahoe = There's lots to do, but not a lot that we can do. Bikes are out. Something about it being bad news if I fall off. Big Hikes are out. Squished lungs and up hill climbs don't mix. We've accepted that relaxing, walking, and more walking will be the extent of our adventures this Summer. 
       This Sunday we had lofty goals of a hike. 
But that evolved into a walk in our backyard.
So we hunted down a pond that we knew existed tucked up into the hills behind our house.

And if I remember correctly,  some kind of "whale" joke 
came out of Jon's mouth as he took this picture.
We wrapped up the day with some relaxing at the 
Sunday afternoon music at our little Commons Beach. 
Waiting patiently for next weekend. 

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