Monday, June 28, 2010

Game On

       Well, Summer arrived with a bang, and it's game on here in Tahoe. In a big way. Its been an instant reminder of why we LOVE living right in town; we can walk everywhere and we're in the heart of it all. I've been snapping photos of our Summer adventures and I'm here to share.
Last week, we walked up to a pond thats in our backyard. 
Well, okay, our very distant backyard. 
Which a dog named Blue, very much loved. 
And right about now, Jon made a joke involving me 
and a whale in the same sentence. 
We even made it to the first concert in the park at the beach in town. 
Usually, concerts at the beach = a glass of wine in Meg's hand, 
so it was a bit different this time, but just as relaxing. 
Well, almost. 
And this past week, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew 
and parents were all here for a little vacay. 
My nephew is not a big fan of showers, 
so our bathtub was commandeered for a little bathtime. 
He was very suspicious of his aunt taking naked pictures 
of him in the tub, and Blue was very suspicious of why 
there was a child in our tub. 
And at Commons Beach 
(where we held our rainy rehearsal dinner and have been to hundreds of times)
I ventured inside the playground for the first time. 
Apparently, I'm told, a place where I'll be spending 
a lot more time in the not too distant future. 
On Saturday night Jon and I had our own little picnic dinner 
at the lake and watched the moon come up. 

Did I mention it was a full moon? 
We stayed out until 11pm (gasp!) with friends on the beach,
 soaking up one of our last nights of freedom.
       In the real world, things are moving along, at times too fast. We're really excited that Jon is now starting to train to become a volunteer fireman at a local fire station near the lake. Jon now has so many things on his plate, let alone parenthood looming only a few weeks away, that we have to schedule time together when we can. While I've been feeling great, I think today I realized why women say that pregnancy + summer is no bueno. Today it reached almost 90 degrees here and somehow, all of the sudden, my feet were 4 sizes too big for my work shoes. Tomorrow, I'll be wearing my flip flops to work thank you very much. 

Lost of love from Tahoe.

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  1. It was great seeing you and Jon! My that is an adorable kid in those photos! Pretty soon you will have a baby in that tub all the time.