Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disgustingly Cute

       We've been very spoiled by so many amazing and amazingly generous gifts from family and friends over the past few months. There would be ab-so-lutely no way that we would be prepared for our little man without all the help that we've received. And I've had the pleasure of getting to put away all the goodies in our nursery. I thought I'd share a round up of the disgustingly cute, can't wait to put them on him, please don't grow out of them, clothes that we received. 
So, in no particular order, here are just some of our favorites. 

My sis had this custom made with a certain bike loving 
father-to-be in mind.
I can't pull off overalls 
(I gave it a good try in highschool),
but our little buddy sure can.
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do this justice, 
but my aunt hunted down this amazing little beach-ensemble. 
Yes, thats a surfer-esque water shirt and yes, 
Baby M will be going to the beach just to show off his digs.
One of my favorites, since the moment I saw it, is this little number.
 I'm determined to hunt down a matching navy sweater vest for his dad.
Thank you Grandma Babs!
Here's another amazing one that my sister hunted down.
That's a "Mommy" and "Me" onesie.
And some more that we can't wait to slip on him...

Oh, and another custom made piece, 
that we think is just perfect.
Clearly, I'm no clothing stylist and the shots are far from great 
(really hoping to upgrade our camera soon!) but you get the idea. 
And by no means is this a comprehensive pile of all the adorable things we love
just some that I had to share. 

We're at 37 weeks now and just waiting patiently now...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Game On

       Well, Summer arrived with a bang, and it's game on here in Tahoe. In a big way. Its been an instant reminder of why we LOVE living right in town; we can walk everywhere and we're in the heart of it all. I've been snapping photos of our Summer adventures and I'm here to share.
Last week, we walked up to a pond thats in our backyard. 
Well, okay, our very distant backyard. 
Which a dog named Blue, very much loved. 
And right about now, Jon made a joke involving me 
and a whale in the same sentence. 
We even made it to the first concert in the park at the beach in town. 
Usually, concerts at the beach = a glass of wine in Meg's hand, 
so it was a bit different this time, but just as relaxing. 
Well, almost. 
And this past week, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew 
and parents were all here for a little vacay. 
My nephew is not a big fan of showers, 
so our bathtub was commandeered for a little bathtime. 
He was very suspicious of his aunt taking naked pictures 
of him in the tub, and Blue was very suspicious of why 
there was a child in our tub. 
And at Commons Beach 
(where we held our rainy rehearsal dinner and have been to hundreds of times)
I ventured inside the playground for the first time. 
Apparently, I'm told, a place where I'll be spending 
a lot more time in the not too distant future. 
On Saturday night Jon and I had our own little picnic dinner 
at the lake and watched the moon come up. 

Did I mention it was a full moon? 
We stayed out until 11pm (gasp!) with friends on the beach,
 soaking up one of our last nights of freedom.
       In the real world, things are moving along, at times too fast. We're really excited that Jon is now starting to train to become a volunteer fireman at a local fire station near the lake. Jon now has so many things on his plate, let alone parenthood looming only a few weeks away, that we have to schedule time together when we can. While I've been feeling great, I think today I realized why women say that pregnancy + summer is no bueno. Today it reached almost 90 degrees here and somehow, all of the sudden, my feet were 4 sizes too big for my work shoes. Tomorrow, I'll be wearing my flip flops to work thank you very much. 

Lost of love from Tahoe.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its Baby Pool Time People

       With less then 30 days until the hot date is upon us, we decided that it was time for everyone to place their bets. That's right, we're starting a baby pool. There will be a fabulous prize for the winner. Maybe the honor of godparent? Maybe we'll name him after you? Perhaps we'll let you babysit? Or change his diaper? Or teach us to change his diaper? While we try to figure out what the prize will be, you should spend some time plotting your day and time. 
       To make it fair, here's what we know: We're due July 21st.  At our 18 week appointment the technician thought our measurements indicated the due date could be July 15th, but apparently earlier estimates are more accurate, so they kept us with the due date of the 21st. Jon's sister and my brother both celebrate their birthdays on July 24th, and I made my arrival into this world on July 5th.
Blue's been sitting around thinking about his guess. 
(And yes, he likes to lounge like this.)
What's yours?
So let us know! 
We'll be charting it all out, and yes, Jon and I will be making our own guesses as well. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

36 Weeks

And feelin' mighty fine.
       36 weeks people. Do the math. 40 - 36 = 4. Yes, 4 weeks remaining! Are we ready? I have no idea.

       We had our doctors appointment this week and we're up about 25 lbs. The belly hasn't grown for the past two weeks and is still measuring about 34 cm. Yesterday I cleaned my desk at work, because if my water went "POP" I didn't want people to be cleaning my desk and talking about what a messy girl I was. While I was talking to my client today I told him he'll have to excuse me if my water breaks this week during his conference. Too much information possibly? 
       I will admit, I have become a full on waddler. I've still avoided back pain and swollen ankles, and I'm still sleeping like a rock through the night. Jon and I are hitting the gym together about 3-4 times a week, and I'm still out there waddling as much as I can. And with all of the tank tops and shorts coming out of the wood work in Tahoe, I'm feeling okay in my oversized t-shirts and forgiving pants. Yesterday I found myself in the grocery store staring at all the different types of ice cream. Why, because I'm 9 months pregnant and its Summer. And if I can't eat whatever ice cream I want now, when can I. 
Without further ado...

At night this kid can make some pretty big rumblings (as he's doing right now). 
He's taking up so much space in that cozy little home of his that his punches have turned into big bulges as he moves around. According to the books, he should be weighing about 5.75 lbs now. 
       Oh, and those T-A-H-O-E letters in the background? Those would be one of the last additions to the soon-to-be revealed finished nursery. I just need to find an hour of quiet time to finish my last project. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Life's a Beach

       Well not really. Jon and I both worked this weekend, but we did find time on Saturday to get away for a little picnic and sunshine. We headed down the West Shore to our favorite deli, grabbed us some sandwiches and then found a spot on the beach for some R & R. A lab that we know got in a little splash time too. 
The crowds haven't quite invaded Tahoe yet. 
We've got just a week or two more before they descend. 
A little rest with the fam was just what the doctor ordered. Feeling ready for the week. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Benicia Baby Shower

       I can very thankfully and gladly say that we are MUCH more prepared for baby now. Apparently it takes 3 baby showers and several trips to Target and Babies R' Us to arrive here, and I'm feeling better about things. Which is a relief, seeing as we're a mere 5 weeks away from D-Day. While we work on finding a place for everything in the nursery I thought I would share some photos of my shower from this past weekend.
       In keeping with our bike themed nursery, the shower was all about red bikes. And great food. And amazing decor. And good family and friends. 
       My sister really outdid herself on the shower. 
I think the photos say it all...

A beautiful little spot for lunch.

Complete with "Motherhood is a Sweet Ride" bunting! 
(Get it people "ride" themed...she is just too crafty.) 
Decor, Decor, Decor.

Including a baby clothesline, with lots of awesome things 
for us to take home with us. 

Motorcycle shoes-ies. What will they think of next?

We were spoiled with gifts from so many great people. 

My sis was a living-breathing baking factory before the shower. 
 And yes, they all tasted as good as they look. 
Including red bicycle sugar cookies.
Jon's all-time favorite.
Sugar dusted lemon bars.
Thigh buster chocolate brownies.
My favorite, Chocolate Caramel Oat Bars
And some juicy little licorice nibbles

Everyone was given a great little treat box 
to pack up some sugar for the road. 
And they happily obliged. 
Here's me with my amazing (and amazingly tanned) new-mom cousin.
We all got to meet her new little guy
 who was celebrating his 1 month birthday, Benjamin John.
       At the end of the day I was pooped. But very thankful. Our neat little nursery is now burried with things that I'm just dying to put away. Its almost time to place your bets my friends, on when you think this little gem is going to arrive...