Friday, June 4, 2010

I ain't afraid of no bear

       This week I've had more bear encounters then I usually have in a whole season in Tahoe. It started off late last week (I think...time all mushes together lately), while I was sitting in my office. Out of the corner of my eye something walked by my window. I looked up to find a bear cub strolling the lawn, just about 10 feet from me. Even though we Tahoe folks live with bears, we still become giddy kids when we see them. Everyone quickly gathered around to get a glimpse. The cub was nicknamed Blue (like a certain canine friend that I know) because of the blue Fish and Game tag in her ear. If only I had had my camera handy. 
       Bear encounter round two involved a sad fellow that got himself up a tree, with Fish and Game down below patiently waiting. He perched himself 5 floors up, looking down at all of us humans, and was playing the waiting game. We were able to head up to the vacant guest room that had a window RIGHT next to where he was. 10 feet away, we were able to watch him maneuver around the branches. After a standoff, he ended up tranquilized and in a bear cage, heading off to be relocated. Again, where was my camera.
       Round three wasn't a bear sighting per-se, but more of a "bear been here" encounter. Mr. Bear decided that this poor little Porcshe Boxster, should go from top up to top down. That mangled black mess, is the remnants of what was a convertible top. Oh, and did I mention it was a bit rainy out? Come to find out, the car was on loan. A couple was at the Resort on their honeymoon, and good ole' dad had loaned them his car for the trip. Finally, I was able to snap a photo. 
       Mental note to self-
Carry my bear spray and don't buy a Porcshe Boxster.

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