Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 2011 Halfway Mark

       We're more then halfway through 2011 (I know, totally nuts!) so I thought we would check in on our 2011 goals list. How are you doing on your 2011 goals? I outlined ours here. I've checked in our list a few times in the past 7 months because I like to keep us in check on whether we're accomplishing what we set out to. So let's check in on ours, shall we?

1.  Purchase Megan an adult car
We're not there yet, and this has become less of a priority.
My car certainly still needs to be replaced, 
but other things seem more important to us
(paramedic school, paying off debt, etc.)
For the time being we're okay with getting
by with my car as long as it lasts.

2. Pay off Jon's truck
We're closer to this goal then we were back in January. 
Some months we do better than others,
but we're still very focused on accomplishing this
one way or another by the end of December.

3. Move ourselves to the big city: Truckee
Yet again, another one that's in the works. 
We had looked at a place and the landlord really
liked us, but we didn't think the price was worth the place.
So we passed. 
We check new rental listings everyday, 
but the pickings are slim.
We're also so comfortable in our current rental,
and we hate the idea of moving into yet ANOTHER rental
so we'll see what happens.

4. Get Nolan settled into a new daycare
The care that Nolan is getting at his daycare
is great. He loves it there. 
The kids love him
(they cheer when he arrives, and like to shower
him with hugs and toys). 
We're happy to have him there, 
and I'd be sad to have him move on. 
So this one again, isn't as important as I originally thought.

5. Career adjustments
This is the hardest of them all. 
Apparently the economy is in a slump or something
and jobs are hard to come by?
I read something about that. 
Jon continues to work tirelessly 
on his fire career 
(I can't even believe how dedicated he is to it),
and we'll keep plugging away until we get there.

6. Take a little risk
I've got ideas swirling. 
No news to share yet. 

And here's the rundown on some smaller things 
we have our minds set on this year:

1. Running the Reno & SF Half Marathons.
Nope. Not even close.
I've only gotten out for a handful of runs
since Nolan was born. I'm still hopeful, 
but not holding my breath.

2. Get started with Paramedic School.
It's in the works. 
We're praying that Jon gets in, 
and then it's a matter (a BIG matter)
of making it work with our already busy schedules.

3. Get our new toys up and running. 
Both are all revved up. 
We just need to get them registered now...
And hire a babysitter so that we can take
them out together...

4. Continue to save, save, save.
This we do. It's exhausting. 
I would love to go on a shopping spree. 
I dream about it. 
But instead, we save, save, save.
Every month.

5. Learn how to use this beautiful new camera of ours.
We get a C on this one. 
We've been practicing here and there,
but we have lots more to read about
and learn on.

6. Enjoy where we live just a little bit more.
We try to enjoy every free minute that we have, 
but maybe we'll do even better the second half of the year.

7. Keep the blog alive.
It's alive! 
It suffered a bit with balancing baby, work & life, 
but it's still here. 
Hip, hip, hooray.

I hope you're doing well with your resolutions!
We'll see what the rest of the year brings.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Staycation 2011

        We live in a pretty place, but we don't usually have the time to enjoy it as much as we should. My families annual trip to Tahoe is the perfect reason for us to relish in a full staycation. The Hay clan came to Tahoe for the Annual Tahoe Summer Family Trip (this was the 5th year!). That means 9 adults, 1 tween, and 4 kids under the age of 4 were all under one roof. We consumed a lot of food and did a lot of swimming, celebrated 3 birthdays, and spent a lot of time on our hands and knees playing with kids. I got to practice with our camera and took way too many pictures. Way too many.
These were the two youngest of the gang.
Four months apart and both weighing in at twenty-one pounds. 
I have a feeling they'll be running around together
next year causing lots of chaos.
Colby is one of the sweetest baby's around.
Cousins don't care to look at the camera for their 
aunt in the midst of playing toys.

The cousins made for one tired Blue dog.
Oh yeah, and the house that 
we (well, technically my parents) rented was amazing. 
We spent a lot of time in the kitchen. 
We took walks, because
walking was a good baby activity.
The neighborhood that we were staying in
had a private pool and park.
Grass is actually a novelty for Buzz. 
He doesn't really like the feel of it on his skin. 
I guess he's too used to snow.
Nolan and I got to spend a lot of time together
playing and cuddling. 
It was nice to get in as many cuddles as possible.
Jon had to work a lot during the week, 
but when he was around we fit in
lots of family fun time.
We played in the front yard.
And test tasted the lawn.

We loved using the pool. 
Pools aren't the norm in Tahoe so getting 
to hop in for a soak all week was fun.
Our kid is a fish. 
He loves the pool.
And of course he loves it when
his daddy plays with him in the pool.

The pool did the trick for tiring all the kiddos out.
The house that we rented also had 
access to a private beach. 
I never get tired of looking at the lake.
Jon and I are thinking of buying a house
on the lake with a pier.
My son likes putting any odds and ends
 from the sand in his mouth.

I can't believe the amount of family photos
that we were able to capture during the week!
One morning, 
we rented a boat so that we could
get out on the lake. 
Here we are in our best yachting attire.

Roxy was a champ the whole ride. 
Nolan never would have lasted out there.
My favorite part of being on the lake
is house stalking. 
There are McMansions lining the whole shoreline.
That's a huge staircase and elevator track down 
to the water. 
I was sweet on this one on the left.
But I could probably make any of them work.
Jon decided that we HAVE to have a boat.

Grandma did some babysitting for us while we were out on the lake. 
This was the third time we'd been out of the house
without Nolan since he was born. 
The first was for an hour trip to Target
(in which he started crying so we had to come home), 
and the second was for going out on 
waverunners earlier in the week. 
At the end of the week we attempted a cousins picture. 
My sister envisioned all of the kids lined up on the pier
all charming like.
It didn't work out quite so smoothly.
Katherine is a saint. 
My son on the other hand...
Apparently getting a photo taken is very traumatizing for a one year old.
It was a great week. 
I feel like I got a full dose of enjoying
Summer in Tahoe, 
which isn't usually the case when our work 
schedules make that hard to do.

Later this week I'm hoping to share
an update on how Jon and I are doing on accomplishing our 2011 goals. 
AND Jon's family is coming into town this week,
 so we'll be having lots of fun later this week,
and should have more pictures to share soon!
Love from Tahoe

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore

       Last Monday marked Nolan's 1st Birthday.  I'm going to spare you all every little thing that we love about him (because there are a lot) but take my word for it, he continues to amaze us everyday. Lately he's made it very apparent that he's a boy. He gets dirty, he bites, he's sneaky and he's JUST NUTS.  He still keeps us up a lot at night (as in three times a night) but he has also developed a love for cuddling. Every week brings a new phase. We just feel very blessed to have him healthy and happy most of the time.
       A few months before his birthday I already had a few party thoughts in mind. It involved a big BBQ and ta-do. As the date got closer something smaller seemed a little less stress inducing. His birthday coincided with my families annual vacation in Tahoe so we decided to make it a low key family affair. Luckily for him my immediate family involves lots of cousins and aunt and uncles so it's not to say that it was a quiet party.
       About a month before the party I went to the craft store and spent about forty dollars on lots of supplies that I needed and some extras that caught my eye. I spent the next few weeks crafting a few invitations and decor. The theme... I couldn't decide on one, so I just went with ideas that caught my eye. I'm sure to some the time I spent on crafting may seem a bit nuts, but when you're husbands working late and your boy is in bed by 7:30, it's nice to have some projects to work on. I figured as long as I was still enjoying all of the projects I took on, then I would keep plugging away. I'm happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed 93% of the projects and I had wrapped up most items by the July 4th holiday. Which was handy because once that holiday weekend hit, it felt like there was little free time before his birthday to get anything done.
My family rented an amazing vacation house for the week
(LOTS of photos to share soon)
which made for a great backdrop for the party.
Did I mention I did a lot of crafting for the party?
Take the centerpieces for example.

That grey container above
was one of my favorite projects 
because it started out looking like this.
My sister used them for her wedding and was
selling them at a recent garage sale. 
I grabbed them up (for free!) before she had a chance. 
So I sat and looked at them for a while.
What to do, what to do. 
I figured "wine" wasn't super appropriate for a 1st birthday bash,
so I added some paint that I already had on hand. 
And I got thinking about adding some rope. 
I COULD NOT believe my luck when my neighbor was 
giving away rope for free a week ago.
When they came out looking like this
(and for completely free!)
I was pleased.

Because our group was large, 
we had two tables to decorate.

The cakes I baked doubled as centerpieces.
After nearly having two caketastrophies on my hands
when I tried to frost these bad boys, 
I decided that these may be my last homemade
birthday cakes. 
I may be all about ice cream buffets & pies in the future.
They make frosting cakes look SO easy on TV!
There was one for the big kids.

And one for the birthday kid.

As the date got closer, 
I wouldn't let myself spend any more money
so instead of buying fabric for tablecloths,
I used wrapping paper that I already had on hand,
and I pulled out napkins that were in our cupboard.

Outside on the deck,
I set up an area for family to view Nolan's 
babybook and to leave a message.
I have a few last details and photos to add to 
his babybook and then I hope to share it here on the blog.

There was a spot to include his 1st Birthday Invitation.
Everyone got to flip through 
for a glimpse of Nolan's first year.
Nolan was surely spoiled by lots of gifts.
And this mama went a little bit crazy 
with gift wrapping.
I almost bought him more gifts,
just because I was having so much fun wrapping them.

I wasn't the only one that went a little crazy with the gift wrapping.
So did his aunt Heather.

Nolan was lucky to have help opening his gifts from his cousin.
His very excited cousin.
It was a great celebration.

Nolan got his first taste of cake.
He was not disappointed.
He shared a bite with grandpa.

All that sugar made for a crazy
baby that night. 
We were happy with how it all came out. 
Who knows what the next twelve months will bring.

I've got lots of photos to edit from the past week, 
and lots to share very soon!