Tuesday, June 8, 2010

34 Weeks

       We've made it to 34 weeks which means only 6 weeks to go my friends.  Today we had our check up and I'm up about 23 lbs. right now. The doc checked the little guy's position and he's now head down, which means he's getting ready to go. He should be weighing about 4.75 lbs by now, and I can tell you, I can feel all of that 4.75 lbs. resting on my poor bladder.
       Things have definitely changed in the past few days. I feel like I've gone from an A+ pregnancy to an achy, tired, eighty year old man. With baby now being head down, the little guys cranium seems to be placed nice and comfortably up against my pelvis and bladder. This means every time I get up, I instantly feel some slight pain in my lower belly. We also learned today that the baby is in a posterior position, meaning that he's facing my abdomen and his head is backed up against my back. It also means that back pain is starting to creep up on me.
        Blue and I just got back from our powerwalk, and I CANNOT believe how much slower moving I am now. Blue spent a lot of the walk looking back at me waiting for me to catch up. All of this is making me oh-so-happy that I got the nursery wrapped up while I was still feeling strong. 
       I've got exactly one month more of work before I take a little break before baby is scheduled to arrive. I'm trying to take everyone's advice and R-E-S-T as much as I can.
       Jon and I survived childbirth class this past Sunday. We learned some hee-hee-hooing, some pain management positions and got to watch some oh-so-enlightening birthing videos. I got a glimpse at what a placenta actually looks like. My lord...it was not what I was expecting. They say educating yourself calms your anxiety, I beg to disagree my friends.
       In other Milam news, Jonny Boy joined the gym! I'm working on turning him into a gym rat. That means we're now up at 5:00 am together and at the gym by 5:30 (most mornings). Yes, we've become one of THOSE couples. And, I have the pleasure of writing Jon's workouts for him. His physique has become my little project. What man wouldn't love getting worked out by an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman.  The amazing thing is that he does whatever I tell him at the gym. I wish things worked like that around our house. 

Lots of love from Tahoe

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