Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Real Hoot of a Shower

       What a weekend! First off, our friend Summer decided to come for a visit! That meant 70 degree temps, summer dresses, flip flops  and sleeping with the windows open.....aaaah, it was great to see her again. We also had my Tahoe baby shower to attend, got to see all our good friends, and go to childbirth class. 
       My lady friends really outdid themselves on the shower and I have lots of pics to share. I got so many wonderful gifts and I came home dying to show them to Jon! It was owl themed, because owls are just so dang cute! Even though Jon has a bit of a fear of owls, I've managed to work them into the nursery just a bit. Here are some snapshots of the wonderful event! What a lucky mama-to-be I am.
The shower was at my friend Lindy's house and 
so many of the girls contributed to put it all together!

There were poofs and presents.

Amazing flowers, done by the lovely Lulana.

A wishing tree.

Tasty treats.

An amazing dessert, homemade by my sis.

And lots of amazing decor.

Oh, and did I mention that great friends showed up! 
Here are the tiniest guests. Hannah at 1 month and Roxy at 6 months. 

Roxy made the trek up all the way from the bay area 
and wore her best party dress. 

But there were some full grown guests too. 

I got spoiled by so many things that we needed. 
It really does take a village to raise a child.

Including a homemade diaper cake....thank you auntie Lindy. 
When I got home, Jon had to open up a diaper to see what they looked like. It was a novelty to us both.

And there were games!

Lisa even won cheese puffs!

Luckily my Mom and Sister were both able to make 
the trip up to Tahoe for the shower. 

Lindy even sent us home with favors! Owl Cookie Favors.

At the end of the day, I was pooped! I'm so thankful for such great friends in Tahoe, 
and for such a thoughtful shower. Woot-woot. Next weekend, I'm heading down to the Bay Area for Baby Shower Round 2, and Jon is taking full advantage by throwing himself his own man-shower of sorts. Crossing my fingers that the house is still standing when I get back home. 

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