Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its Baby Pool Time People

       With less then 30 days until the hot date is upon us, we decided that it was time for everyone to place their bets. That's right, we're starting a baby pool. There will be a fabulous prize for the winner. Maybe the honor of godparent? Maybe we'll name him after you? Perhaps we'll let you babysit? Or change his diaper? Or teach us to change his diaper? While we try to figure out what the prize will be, you should spend some time plotting your day and time. 
       To make it fair, here's what we know: We're due July 21st.  At our 18 week appointment the technician thought our measurements indicated the due date could be July 15th, but apparently earlier estimates are more accurate, so they kept us with the due date of the 21st. Jon's sister and my brother both celebrate their birthdays on July 24th, and I made my arrival into this world on July 5th.
Blue's been sitting around thinking about his guess. 
(And yes, he likes to lounge like this.)
What's yours?
So let us know! 
We'll be charting it all out, and yes, Jon and I will be making our own guesses as well. 


  1. Issac sits like that all the time!!!!

  2. I think he will come into the world @ 4:14 A.M.
    July 24, 2010.
    signed Grandpa Milam