Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okay, I think it's over now. Fingers crossed. 
The past have 9 days have been a bit much, even for us. 
There were avalanches. 
Power outages. 
Fear of roof calapse. 
Freeway closures. 
People were stranded. 
The snowfall totals for the Tahoe basin are now reported to be
at about 600 inches for the season.
Thats 50' people. 
Apparently, Mother Nature is breaking some of her own records this year. 
Here are a few photos that we captured midstorm.
In the Summer, that area behind me is a flat grassy lot, 
and serves as snow storage in the Winter.

Our neighbors house is back there somewhere.

Finally the skies parted on Monday.
It was amazing to see the sun.
Me and the boys headed out to soak it up.

Let's play ball?

At the end of our walk, 
blue's dog brother-from-another-mother came by for a visit. 
After playtime, those two enjoyed a dog treat together.
As for Nolan, 
we've recently discovered the wonder of the playpen. 
And Buzz spends lots of time there now, 
buried in his toys.
Ta Ta. 
I've got a dirty kiddo that I need to put in the bath.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

       Most Tahoe locals have a point each year when they reach their "I'm sick of the snow" threshold. It's March 20th and I'm officially there. Sure, snow has its charm but there's a lot more to it when you live in it. There's the extra twenty minutes in the morning to clearing our cars. There's attempting to push the grocery cart through it. There's having to wear snowpants and snowboots to work, so that your work clothes aren't drenched by the time you arrive at your desk. There's the doubled commute time to work and the "snow days" at daycare when they operate on a limited schedule. There's the two feet of snow on our chimney that doesn't allow us to have a fire.  Just to name a few. A lot of the people that leave Tahoe, leave because of, well,  the snow. I'm starting to wonder if I'll become one of them?
       We've had snow at our house for five months now. That's a lot of snow. I've read that the local mountain has received 45 feet of snow so far this season. That's a lot of snow. We've received 3 feet of the white stuff at our house in the last 24 hours and the forecast shows lots more of it on the way over the next 5 days or so. And sadly, we probably have about two more months or so of cold temps and snow. Yep, I said two months. Last year we had a dumping of snow on Memorial Day and snow has been recorded in Tahoe every month of the year. Yes, even June, July, and August! Sadly, if you blink, you may miss Spring in Tahoe.
       So how am I coping this weekend? A little online retail therapy that's how (oh, and I gave myself a bit of a blonde boost from a box this weekend, just to feel a bit more sunkissed). While we'll be wearing beanies and scarves until May, all of my favorite retailers are teasing me with floral prints, summer hats, flip flops, and summer dresses. And oh, the Easter outfits! We live on a budget and I rarely shop, but just looking at Spring clothing helps me to feel a bit sunnier. Here are some things that I'm wishing I could slip into sooner, rather then later.
These tanks from the gap
whisper effortless and casual. 
Hello cutoffs and a fun necklace.

And this dress reflects the simple and 
healthy mom vibe that I'd like to achieve.
For some reason, every time Spring rolls around, 
I refer to my preference for nautical.
Blue and white, yes.

My search for the perfect denim short failed.
But these sporty/casual grey ones might be a good substitute.
Spring shopping wouldn't be complete without some swim picks. 
Maybe it's the mom in me
(or perhaps the blindingly white midsection), 
but I've been toying with the idea of 
picking up a one piece this year.
This affordable stripey one over at Old Navy
just may end up in my closet.

This one over at j to the crew, looks quite adorable on the model.
Then again, they usually do though.
Lastly, I've been craving some fun Summer kicks for quite a while. 
Last Summer, I opted to save my cash instead, but this year
I think I'll give in.
Maybe these babies from Anthro?
Or some Toms?
In red perhaps?
While I was online, I did a little lookie-loo for goodies for Nolan. 
In the span of his lifetime, we've probably spent about $30.00 total on clothes for him.
We've gotten by amazingly well with gifts and hand me downs.
But this Spring shopping got me to thinking about some Easter appropriate, 
and sunny weather gear for our Buzz.
Buzz rarely wears shoes, 
but these mock weaved sandals may just be
too beach bum perfect to pass up.
Can I get a round of applause for cuteness?
Because I'm his mama, and because he can't talk back
he may end up in some nautical gear of his own.
Although we like to show off that full head 
of hair of his, a stylish fedora might
do the part to tame it a bit.
Yes, that's a baby fedora.

You know what the saddest part about my Spring finds? 
Buying them now won't make the snow melt any faster.
and it won't make my skin tan any sooner.
Okay, enough daydreaming. 
Back to shoveling snow!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 Months

       Our boy is 7 months old (okay, he's closer to 8 months but I'm a bit behind). He's growing teeth, waving, and sleeping through the night when he so chooses. His hair is as crazy as ever, and he's becoming a bit of a mama's boy. This weekend we took a few photos to mark the 7 month occasion.
This past week he started waving to us. 
I asked his daycare about it and she said that all the kids
wave during their circle singing time. 
Apparently he picked up on it. 
It's pretty darn charming.
Exhibit A below.

And when the going gets tough around our house
a good ole' thumb suck always does the trick.

This weekend, Nolan also had his first play date. 
Romi came over and they thoroughly enjoyed getting 
to play toys together.

We also had a parade roll through our town on Saturday.
Jon was working, but Nolan and I went down to check it out.
It wouldn't be a Tahoe parade without dogs.

That's all for now.