Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stars and Stripes, and One Step Closer to 30

       What a great weekend! Amazing, refreshing, needed! We celebrated. We BBQ'd. We strolled with frozen yogurt and people watched on the river. We walked, sat, read, and napped. We decided the only thing that was missing was a boat, and thus Jon is committed once again to tracking one down on craigslist. Living in the heart of Tahoe City during the Fourth of July just can't be beat. Makes me wonder... will we be here next year?
Jon grilled us up some amazing ribs, 
which I've decided is the best meal that he makes. 
       He spent Saturday and Sunday morning volunteering at the pancake breakfast at the Meeks Bay Volunteer Fire Association Fundraiser (hopefully one of many pancake breakfasts that he'll be working in the years to come). On Sunday morning, I headed down to say hi and to ensure that he was in fact working towards becoming a fireman, and not living a double life.
I couldn't believe the crowd when I pulled up. 
Apparently people love them some flapjacks on our Nations Birthday!

And here he is, hard at work.

While Jon was serving up the hungry public, 
I took a walk around Meeks Bay. 
This kid is smart. 
He chose a beautiful place to spend his volunteer hours.
 Pretty Rough.
Pretty Rough in deed.

We spent Sunday afternoon on Commons Beach, 
with lots of friends, lots of food, and a big crowd.

My mom went into labor with me during the
 fireworks on Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, they didn't have 
the same effect on me.

Turning 29, makes me one step closer to 30 (slightly scary), 
and got off to a great start, thanks to Jonny.
I woke up at 7, wonderfully rested, to breakfast in bed. Yes, breakfast in bed!
I think I'd been hinting at breakfast in bed for about 2 years now,
 and it was even better then I could have hoped it to be. 
Cheers to breakfast burritos and coffee in bed!
After resting, reading, and walking I was 
surprised by a birthday picnic at the lake. 
Complete with homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes (yay, Tory!).
And great friends.
It was perfectly mellow and relaxing. 

Perfectly, perfect.

       So here's to another year. To the un-official kick off to Summer. To being one step closer to 30, and only 15 days from our expected delivery. 

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