Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ode to Tahoe Snow

In honor of Nolan's first snowfall, I decided to dig up some pics we have taken of snowfall in Tahoe and post them in hopes of a big winter this year...

Here is me shortly after moving here.  This was on the road to the nordic center where I worked, you can see the scrapes in the snow from the plows going by.

 This was our first rental place totally buried:

Us snowboarding at Homewood:

 Our street after a storm:

That's Meg's Jeep in there somewhere...  You can see her side mirror poking through:

 Starting to dig the Jeep out...

Meg snowboarding at Diamond Peak:

I know it's only a half an inch, but Nolan has got the right attitude...

He'll be skiing in no time.

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