Friday, October 8, 2010

3 Months

        Where the heck have the past 3 months gone? Seriously. Where. The. Heck. It is so cliched to admit, but as the saying goes, time has flown by. This week I had to make adjustments to Nolan's closet, moving all of his newborn outfits out and filling those hangers with 3-6 month clothing. He is literally growing out of outfits on a daily basis. He currently loves looking into mirrors, has started to enjoy being read to, and looks for me as I leave the room (cue my heart melting) He is still completely exhausting, but his increasing adorableness helps us to bear it. At some moments, I literally want to eat him up. 
Here are a few photo moments from our recent session. 
Maybe if you're having a bad day, 
this face will help to make things just a tad bit better. 

Yes, those are shoes on those feet. 
(Thanks Erin!)
Jon thinks that when he holds his arms out straight, 
with his hands in fists that he looks like he's riding a bike. 
Kinda like this...
And my smarty pants husband also figured out a way to
help Nolan with practicing to hold his head up.
It just so happens to create a lot of adorable photo moments.
       This is my last post before heading back to the real world. I'll gladly admit, that this comfy at-home-world has been fabulous for the past thirteen weeks (although equally as exhausting). I CANNOT wait to hear about the adventures of Jonny and Nolan after I head back to work. I'm half expecting to walk in the door the first week to a crying dad, exhausted from his new stay-at-home gig. A certain husband of mine may be doing some guest blogging while he's filling in at home as well, so I apologize in advance if any posts on motorcycles, cars, or the principles of fire appear in the near future. 

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