Monday, November 1, 2010

Gnome Sweet Gnome

       Halloween. It's never been my specialty. But I'm vowing to get better at it. For Nolan's sake. This year, I searched high and low for costume inspiration. I thought about theme family costumes. Costumes with a high adorableness factor. And costumes that were warm enough to be worn outside in Tahoe at the end of October. 
       Ideas that I toyed with included A) Jon the farmer, and Nolan and I as farm animals. B) Nolan as a Keibler Elf (We've always thought he resembled an elf), and Me and Jon as cookies C) Nolan as a bull, and Jon and I as Rodeo Clowns D) Nolan as a pig, and Jon and I as the sky, a la when pigs fly. There were a few factors that came into play when making my final decision: cost, convenience, and time. I had planned on ordering Nolan a costume online, but when it came down to it, I just couldn't click "Buy". I wasn't willing to spend $20.00+ on a costume, plus shipping. I also considered picking up fabric and making his outfit. But, after factoring in the 2 hours on the road to get to and from the fabric store, the cost of fabric, and the lack of free time for sewing,  I decided against that plan of attack. 
       So the costume I finally decided on was...a Gnome! The garden gnome variety. After seeing what we already had that I could use, a quick trip to Michael's craft store, and a little work after Nolan was asleep, I had a costume that I was happy with, and all for about 10 buckeroos. I bought enough supplies to make myself and Jon Mama and Papa Gnome costumes, should we need them. At the end of the day, Jon and I didn't really need to dress up  (no costume parties for us this year!), so I'll just be returning a few of the extra materials that I bought. Without furtherado... here's the little gnome now. 

My personal favorite, the sleeping gnome.
Oh, and of course Blue got in on some Halloween action. 
 Meet our dome.
 (That's a dog+gnome, 
for those of you who aren't up on your gnome lingo).
After our gnome was all tucked into his stroller, 
we took him downtown for some trick or treating.
Tahoe City hosts trick or treating at all of their shops.
Notice the ghost crossing below.
There were lots of kids and dogs out getting their treating on.

In Tahoe, the bad kids don't get oranges or coal. 
They get bear poop. 
(Yes, that's bear poop in our downtown).
An hour of trick or treating was just about all 
that our little gnome could handle. 
So we headed home to watch some Giants baseball, 
and hand out candy. 
It was an A+ for our first Halloween with a kiddo in tow. 


  1. That's it, I am moving to Tahoe! I gotta see that sweet baby boy again soon, auntie is having Nolan withdrawal!!

  2. I love it! You are too creative. PS I want to move to Tahoe, too! Lets all just go there. It is beautiful, the natives seem friendly, there is poop in the middle of town (always a plus) and the gnomes there are of the cutest variety!!

  3. Oh geez louise! Nolan is by far the CUTEST little gnome I have ever seen! And I love that Blue got in to the Halloween spirit too. So glad you guys didn't let a little bear poop "trick" ruin all the "treats"!

  4. YOur little gnome is incredibly cute !!!!
    Aunt Jerrie

  5. Meg, how creative! You and Jon should've put on your costumes and taken a picture- posing gnome style. Little Nolan is looking not so little any more! He is ADORABLE!! (which my Lizzie told me this morning, is "another word for cute.")