Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Years of Wedded Bliss

       Two years ago Jon and I took the big plunge. Strapped on the ole' ball and chain. Kissed our singlehood goodbye. When we found out a few days before our wedding that rain was in the forecast, we were told by many that "rain on your wedding day is good luck." At the time I didn't care much for luck in our marriage, I just wanted nice weather for our wedding. But as it turns out, maybe that old wives tale is true. Jon and I have had many a blessing over the past two years, and luck appears to be on our side. Our October wedding definitely turned out to be just the beginning to the happiest days of our lives.
Here are some images of our fall wedding. 

All those fun little details...

And then, lots of merriment and dancing ensued...

We were very sad to see the night come to an end, but as they say...

       We would re-live the day again in a heartbeat if we could. 
I'm a lone ranger today,
 with Jon out of the house all day at work and school,
but we did some pre-celebrating this weekend. 
I'll have the details and photos of our getaway up soon!

***Photos are courtesy of the amazing Monique Sady. 
To learn about her and her photography visit her here.


  1. It was such a fun wedding! Dana and I were so happy to be there. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Jonathon..... How did you get so lucky as to get such a beautiful gal? NEVER take her for granted!