Friday, October 15, 2010

Do Work.

And it begins.

As you may have noticed, there has been a brief hiatus taken from blog-posting in the Milam household.  No, Meg hasn't given up or grown tired of blogging, there has just been a slight alteration to the "stay at home" line-up.  That's right, Meg is back at work planning conferences galore, and I am taking 2 1/2 months family leave from my full-time job to stay at home and earn my mommy wings.  And yes, one pre-requisite to obtaining the prestigious title of "Mr. Mom" in this house is being able to create a blog-post while taking care of little Bugaroni.  
So here we go...

So lets start this little adventure with a quick lesson on ambition.  As the time to start my leave drew near, I started to really pump myself up.  I started a note in my iPhone to keep track of all the things I was going to get done...
  1. Rebuild my MTB wheels
  2. Get the new piston in the XL350
  3. Get a filing cabinet and organize our important documents
  4. Build a bookshelf for the office
  5. Etc, etc...
The list literally goes on and on.  Plus, I am still in class so studying is also a huge priority.  I couldn't wait to start cracking away at all the things I have been putting off.  I was going to have SO MUCH FREE TIME of course.  "I wasn't going to have to work for over 2 months" I thought to myself...  

"Ohh, and I'll take care of Nolan too while doing all these other things"


Let's rewind.  Meg and I are very sarcastic with each other all the time.  Pretty much every day after getting home from work for the last 3 months, I would say to Meg "Man, what did you do all day? watch Oprah?" 

Back to present.  Let's take a look at what "Mr. Ambitious" accomplished this Wednesday.  I was supposed to:
  1. Go to the bank
  2. Go grocery shopping
  3. Do Nolan's laundry
  4. Take the dog for a walk
  5. Etc.
Here is what I actually got done:
1. Went to the laundry room to get laundry basket.

 2. I Moved laundry basket upstairs to Nolan's room.

Whallah! Boom! Shazam!
In 8 hours, I literally moved an empty laundry basket up one flight of stairs and left it there.
Meg walked in the door, I was still in sweatpants, Nolan was still in his pajamas from the night before, and no chores had been done.

 Meg was AAAA-MAZED.

Apparently, taking care of a baby is a little more work than I thought...  We had been talking about nicknaming Nolan "LJ" for Little Jon.  I have now started calling him "TW" for Time Warp, because I have no idea where the time goes when staying home with him...

But I have to say, even though he keeps me crazy busy, he is pretty darn awesome:

So, keep your fingers crossed, and maybe by the time of my next post I will have been able to change myself out of sweatpants...


  1. Laughed my ass off! And I think "TW" totally fits. : )

    P.S. congrats on the laundry basket. Now put something in it.

  2. We saw you strolling in TC about 11 AM on Friday. I thought, "What a great Dad!" You can do it, Jon! not even think about strapping that bjorn on you with that precious little boy, and dirt biking. I know you are not thinking about this ;). Call his Tahoe Aunts to babysit!