Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching Some Heat...

Well, according to a lot of comments on Facebook, I need to step it up a little bit with my ability to Blog...  Alright people, even though I can't get myself out of sweatpants on most days until about 3:00pm, I will try to manage my time a little better.  (Although I have to admit, it's not Nolan taking up all my time...  I spent about an hour today making myself buffalo chicken wraps for lunch.  Delicious!)  
SHHHH!  Don't tell Meg.

Well, Dia De Los Muertos is quickly approaching and Nolan is starting to get some great Halloween gear, including this nice pumpkin hat.

Apparently someone isn't too excited for Trick-or-Treating to start...

Now we need some suggestions...  We have an idea for Nolan, but what should Blue be for Halloween???

Another hobby taking up a lot of my time at home with Nolan is flooding Meg's email with obnoxious pictures of us, Here is a sample:

Staying home with a baby making me a little nuts?  

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