Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Excursion: Graeagle

       Jon and I are very fortunate to live in Tahoe and sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous, even to us, that we feel the need to getaway. More odd is the fact that often we like to escape to places in the mountains, visit sierra lakes, or to small towns. Apparently we just can't get enough of the great outdoors. Our getaway this past weekend is a great example.
       On Friday we packed our truck to its seams and headed out for our second annual fall trip to Graeagle. Last year was the first time that we stayed at the charming Feather River Resort Park after we were invited by friends. And this is where it gets a bit confusing. There is a local softball team that has a tradition of staying at this resort on the first weekend of October, and they've done so for the past twenty years. We happened to be invited by a friend of ours last year, and we were lucky enough to be invited  back this year. The weekend tradition includes a pot luck BBQ, fun golf tournament, an awards dinner, and the consumption of many adult beverages. I told Jon that we could return this year if he was on his best behavior. 
       Their tradition happens to fall on our wedding anniversary. Yes, that's right. For the past two years, we have shared our wedding anniversary with forty of our nearest and dearest (well, in actuality their a group of people that we're just getting to know). Intimate, isn't it? This year we were also celebrating Nolan's 3 month birthday, mourning the near end to my maternity leave, and Jon was in desperate need of a break from his hectic schedule. Last year the weather threatened to rain and snow on us, but this time around we were spoiled by 80 degree temperatures. Mark this place down as beautiful places to visit during the fall, and the perfect respite away from home.
The resort is comprised of cabins set along a 9-hole golf course. 
Our cabin sat along the fairway, offering views galore. 

The cabins are rustic, but they have charm to spare. 

And include a hammock on the porch.
One of the best parts about the tradition is that 
we are literally the only people there.
Which helps you to take in all the great surroundings.

And the timing of this weekend 
coincides with fall foliage perfectly.
We spent our mornings 
drinking coffee,
sitting by the fire, 
and walking. 

 As I mentioned, there was a golf tournament on Saturday. 
This year, everyone was encouraged to dress up. 
Since I was on baby duty while everyone played, 
I opted out of the costume.
Somehow Jon looked even skinnier 
and younger then normal in his garb.
And a huge bonus to being the only people 
around is that rules don't apply. 
i.e., Dogs rule the place, 
Golf foursomes become sevensomes, 
and 6 to a golf cart is just fine.
While everyone golfed, me and the boys rested.
On Saturday we headed out to the 
awards dinner with some apprehension.
We weren't sure how Nolan would handle
 the loud dinner party and late night. 
We only lasted about 15 minutes 
before it became clear that it was a bit too overwhelming for Nolan. 
So we politely excused ourselves, 
picked up a pizza and headed back to our cabin. 
After Nolan was tucked into bed, 
we enjoyed a quiet late dinner together.
Not a bad consolation prize. 
Not bad at all.
On Sunday morning we woke up to rain drops on our porch.
It was a cozy break from the warm weather we had had. 
As we made the drive home, the rain continued.
And it literally hasn't stopped yet. 
Last year, as we drove away from Graeagle, Autumn was ushered
in by the first snowflakes of the year. 
This year it came in the form of a great thunder and lightning storm.
We love the Graeagle area and I love tradition. 
I'm hoping to being an annual tradition of bringing all of our Tahoe 
friends up there for a relaxing weekend. 

And in case you wondered, Jon did not behave.


  1. Of course Jon didn't behave! Love the pic were Nolan and Jon are laying down and Nolan has this look on his face " Who is this man next to me?!!!" It is a totally Jon face!!!

  2. Love it! Totally agree with Pat

  3. Thurman Thomas is my hero!