Monday, October 18, 2010

Guilty as charged...

       Send me to blogjail. I'm guilty. I've ignored you, abandoned you, and at times forgotten about you. I knew being a working mom wouldn't be easy, but I didn't understand its full scope until this week. I'll share more of the details on balancing work + mommyhood soon...I promise...I hope. The gist of it is: Up at 5:00am to shower, down some coffee and get spiffied up. Once Nolan's awake I spent my time with him, squeezing out every second that I can before I have to head off to work. After work, I spend my evenings kissing baby cheeks, eating Jon's cooking, telling baby I'm going to eat him up, doing chores, and getting baby ready for bed. And then...I do it. All. Over. Again. My first week back consisted of a 6 day work week with a couple of 10 hour days thrown in there, just for good measure. 
       Yeah, I'm not the first working mom, and I won't be the last so I'm not expecting any awards or pity here. Just a little bit more time to find my balance, so that I can re-work blogging back into the mix. 
Until that balance is reached, I leave you with posts from Jonny Boy, 
whenever he has the time to crank them out. 
Blog speed to you.

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