Friday, October 1, 2010


       October is my #1 favorite month of the year. My primo. My numero uno. Its so subtle. And if you don't look for it you can miss it. The smell in the air. The crisp weather. The scarves and boots. The color of the leaves. The recipes for pumpkin this and pumpkin that. I L-O-V-E October. So to mark the most amazing month of the year, I'm devoting a month of posts to all things Falltabulous. That means amazing fall recipes. Snapshots of day trips to some of my favorite autumn locales. Fall decor. Just you wait. If you weren't a lover of October will be soon.
Stay tuned for some Fall-goodness.
We're packing up our things and heading out of town for the weekend. 
I'll have photos to share on Monday!

In case you were wondering, July is my numero dos. 
Maybe July will get its own dedications somewhere down the line.

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