Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Nursery: What are those, flags?

       I fell in love with bunting when I saw it some odd months ago and since then, I've seen it everywhere. And every time I've seen it, I've loved it all the same. I'd been itching to try my hand at fashioning my own bunting but wasn't quite sure if I had the skill needed with the thread and needle. After I succeeded at a few other sewing projects and in the spirit of a hand-crafted nursery, I thought some baby bunting would be a perfect little addition to my list of projects. 
       I debated over different prints and took to the fabric store to find a good fit for our little one's room.
A charming and simple green and white stripe fabric seemed to be a nice balance between being appropriate for a boys room and not too bold to conflict with other prints in the space. 

I trimmed up some extra cardboard into the desired shape and size flag that I was looking for. 

I ended up with ten pieces, two pieces each for my five flags. 
After running them through the sewing machine I had a perfect little collection to begin assembling. 

They were ironed and pinned and ready to be joined together. 

Our fish Stick looks on with excitement for the finished product. 

And Ta-Da! We have bunting. 

Bunting, Bunting, Bunting. 

For less then $10.00 and an afternoon of work, I have a little more decor for the babies room.
 And I'll be using the remaining striped fabric to fashion myself a little pillow for the room. 

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