Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project Nursery: Done and Done

   I dread going to Reno. I don't like Reno. I avoid Reno. Ugh Reno. It takes an hour to get there, and as hard as I try I cannot make it to and from in less then 5 hours. But, Reno trips are necessities for us mountain folks. This past weekend I tackled Reno, and came home with lots of ammo for my nursery projects. 
       First off, I picked up some paint to finish off a little storage project for the nursery. I adopted this little red tool box from my sister, after she decided she didn't need it in my niece's nursery. 

       I chose a green paint that I had used on other projects from the nursery, which ran me a whopping .59. 

 It took 2 coats of paint and several touch ups to make sure I got every nook and cranny. 
Now I have a much needed spot to store some of babies small supplies.

      Wah la! My .59 project. 
 I think an underlying message here is don't hand over anything to me unless your okay with it being painted. 
       Next up, was a glorious little money saver of a project. When I started browsing crib bedding online I was shocked to find that a lot of bedding sets out there cost $300+. That just seemed ridiculous to me. Especially when you realize that a set only includes 4 crib items (skirt, bumper, fitted sheet, and comforter). After, of course, only falling for sets that were on the pricier side of the spectrum I knew we would need to improvise. And in walked Project: Crib Skirt. 
       I had found a seller on etsy that I could custom order a crib skirt from for $45.00, but I was reluctant to part with that much. Luckily, right about this time, my favorite blog posted a great tutorial on making your own custom crib skirt. Thus, with a great fabric picked out, some velcro that I already had, and some ironing tape, I was able to create a skirt for less then $10.00. 

Here's a fabric that I hunted down on Etsy. I used about a yard of it, which cost me about $7.50. 

I followed the easy instructions step by step, 
and in about 1 hour I had a crib skirt fit for a King. 
Or a Milam. 

Even Blue seemed pleased with the outcome.

       I still have a handful of projects left for the nursery, and I'm really excited to get working on some of them. Bunting and a homemade mobile are on the top of my list! 

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  1. Meg, sooo cute- I love the fabric and am super impressed with your sewing skills. Crib skirts add a lot to the nursery, if you ask me! Note on crib bumpers- they are a waste of space! The idea is great- so babies don't get their little limbs stuck- but babies don't move around much anyway the first little bit, and most labels on the bumpers say to remove them when babies are sitting up (about 6 months), which is when they really need them. So we nixed bumpers a long time ago- plus I like to be able to see my sleeping babes, which bumpers also interfere with. So there's some unsolicited advice...which I'm sure you're getting a lot these days!