Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Nursery: Sew it up

       After all of my painting projects in the nursery, I felt like it was time to bring out the ole' sewing machine. I am far from a sewing expert. I tackle only basic projects and there's usually a bit of frustration involved. My first sewing project in the nursery (oh yes, there are many) was to make a fabric cushion for a  hand-me-down wood chest that we have. This chest came from my sister and it's been with us for a few years now. Previously a stand for our TV now it will be used for storing baby toys. 
       Several months ago, while I was out on an IKEA adventure, I picked up 2 white cushions for $5.00 each, with this exact project in mind. It literally took me months of hunting down the perfect fabric to cover them. I'm a bit obsessed with different textiles and its always impossible for me to settle on just one. 
Here's the canvas, just waiting to be covered.

First, I stitched the cushions together in 6 places to keep them connected. 

Here's the fabric that I chose, all pinned up and ready for action. 
I found it on, my favorite place to hunt down fabrics. 
       Sewing up the cushion cover on the sewing machine took no time at all. In less then a half hour I had a beautiful little cushion for under the nursery window. 

       The space still looks a bit bare, but I still have several projects in the works for this little nook under the window. Hoping to tackle some of those projects this weekend. 

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