Friday, April 9, 2010

Jon's Man Shower

       The ladies at Jon's work very generously surprised him with a shower yesterday. They emailed me last month to see if I would be able to stop by. Luckily, I was able to join in on the surprise. I've never been able to keep a secret from Jon, so I surprised even myself that I was able to keep the shower under wraps. 
       So, I headed over to Jon's work and his co-workers hid me out of sight. 
This is the view from Jon's work. Rough eh?

       This is Kings Beach. Oddly enough, it's the same beach that my mom was sitting on when she went into labor with me 28 years ago on July 4th. Crazy?
       After enjoying some homemade tamales and cake, Jon got to experience opening baby gifts and shower games!

The ladies spoiled us with our Pack N' Play and some other goodies on our list. We're getting a little bit closer to being ready for this baby. 

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