Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

     Usually for Easter we try to make it down to the Bay Area to see my family. This year, with Jon's crazy school schedule we opted out of all of the driving to and from the Bay Area and decided to stay home instead. With few days off together because of work and school, it was the perfect opportunity to spend a Sunday together.
      After coffee and bagels at home we headed to Church. After Church, we went to Brunch with friends. 
Please don't mind my pregnancy double chin. 

Lindy and I after getting our Sunday Brunch fill.

       Then, it was home for napping, a fire in the fireplace, and lost of house projects. Jon decided to make one of his dinner specialties: Spicy Beef.
Oh, how we love us a crock pot supper. 

       It turned out to be a perfect little holiday at home. More to come on all the projects we completed today!

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