Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 months

       7 months down, 12 weeks to go, which still seems so far off for us. Jon asks me every night when I'm gonna let "that kid out to play" with him. Considering he's coming in at about 2 lbs. right now, I'm hoping he keeps stewing for a bit longer. I've gained 19lbs so far and the belly is coming in at 26.5 cm. No crazy cravings here. Although my love for donuts has grown even more. I'm tossing and turning more at night, and sleeping in is more appealing then going to the gym but otherwise things go on as normal. 
       In other Milam news, Jon graduates from the academy in less then a month now! Which means I get to meet all of these cadets I've been hearing about. I've got just a few weeks to finish the nursery and some other projects and then summer fun begins for us. Baby Showers. Camping. Some "man weekend" that Jon has planned. Hiking. We can't wait!