Friday, September 3, 2010

Babies Everywhere

       I've heard that there is another baby boom taking place. I guess with the down economy everyone's staying home and entertaining themselves (if you get my drift). Based on our circle of friends, I would say this is definitely true. At work, I was one of seven women pregnant. I watched (and am watching) as one girl after another left work on maternity leave and delivered their little bundles. We also kept stumbling upon friend after friend telling us they were expecting- my cousin, Emos, my sister-in-law, Church friends, etc., etc. We're happy that this means lots of little baby friends for Nolan to play with. 
       A couple of weeks ago, friends of ours (Thanks Merri and Justin!) had a little baby get-together. Yes, we've officially gone from bar hoppers to baby partiers. Who knew that talking about diapers, sleep patterns, and colic could be sooo much fun? I hate to admit it, but it was. Going to a party where there's a nursery where you can conveniently change a diaper and nurse your kiddo is definitely a plus. Oh, how things have changed. Until this, Jon was pretty sure that Nolan was the only baby on earth that cried. He was relieved to see that other babies cry too. 
Nolan was the only boy in the gang, and the youngest.
He loved all the female company. 
Here's us mommy's with our kiddos.
There were 8 adults there, 
but at any given time there were only 4 or 5 at the table, 
because a baby or two always needed something.
We can't wait for our remaining pregnant 
friends to pop out their kiddos. 
We're praying for lots of healthy babies!

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