Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project: Loose the Baby Weight. Slow and Steady...

       Last week I wasn't able to eek out a weight loss update. I think it was partly due to the fact that I knew I hadn't lost that much weight and partly due to being infatuated with my son. Knowing that I am now T-minus 3 weeks from being back at work and away from my little bug, I've been trying to enjoy each and every moment with him (even the crying) and not allow myself to get distracted by the blog-o-sphere. 
       But, after a weigh in yesterday at the gym I do have a bit of good news and I feel pleased enough to share. I seemed to have lost another half pound or so, so I'm now just about 6 lbs. away from my pre-baby weight. The process has definitely been slow going lately, but slow and steady wins the race, right? 
       I was able to get to the gym just twice last week and went on one 4 mile run. I've already made it to the gym twice this week, so my goal is two more sessions before Friday.  Nolan has fallen into a great nighttime sleep pattern now and usually isn't waking until 7am. The ambitious Meg is thinking of trying to get to the gym when it opens at 5:30am to get in a little gym time before my munchkin even opens his eyes for the day. Maybe this could be the little boost my body needs over the next three weeks? 
       I think I'd now be happy to see a weight loss of just two more pounds in the next 3 weeks. That's doable right? I guess we'll soon find out!

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