Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project: Loose the Baby Weight. Wish Me Luck!

       I'm undertaking my next big project. Unfortunately, this one doesn't involve any decorating, sewing projects or painting. This one is far less fun, but hopefully equally as rewarding. This one involves getting moving and back into my pre-baby clothes and this will serve as my accountability diary of sorts. While priority #1 is Nolan and our fam, I believe that a happy mommy leads to a happier baby, so we all win in the end.  
The Goal: 
       To be back in fighting form when I go back to work in 6 weeks. My number one weight frustration since meeting little Nolan has been looking in my closet at lots of pants, and fitting into just a few of them. And when I say "fitting", I mean tight and uncomfortable. Slipping on jeans that are snug and hug in all the wrong places, actually makes me angry. Fuming really. Fall and Winter are just round the corner for us and unless I want to splurge on  a new wardrobe, I need to slim down a bit. Not to mention I have some lovely little gift cards just burning a whole in my wallet and I'm eager to spend them on some gear.  At the moment I'm not sure what size I should be shopping for (insert frown here). Oh, and there's a high likelihood that my gym time will be even more limited and less of a priority once a 40 hour work week gets thrown into the mix, so I'm hoping to lose it while I can. 
The Challenge: 
       To loose about 8lbs. and firm up. And raise a baby. And manage a house. And get some sleep every now and then. On that note, I had intended on beginning this project series last Monday, but a baby and life got in the way. I just couldn't find a free half hour or the creativity to sit down and write this up, so my 7 week project is now a 6 week project.         
       We don't own a scale at our house and in the past few years I've never used numbers to manage my weight, I've just gone by how I felt. However, the doctors office makes you creep onto the scale whenever you visit post delivery, and that ugly little contraption has revealed that I'm about 8 lbs. over my pre-baby weight.
       I forgot to mention that I currently have a very busy husband. As in, he's working lots of hours, volunteering, going to school, and interning. So, I can't always count on him to be at home so that I can head out and burn some calories. 
So, let the games begin. 
Here's the play by play on my big undertaking.
The Strategy:
1) Move Everyday 
       This means long walks, running, or hitting the gym. I use to love my regimented workouts between 5:30 and 7:00 each morning, but that's a thing of the past. The me that use to pop out of bed at 5:00am now finds myself at that hour praying that Nolan will fall back asleep so that I can grab another hour or two of sleep. In my new life sleep trumps gym. So now I have to move when I can. That means if I can grab a half hour after Jon gets home from work or if I can sneak in an extra walk, then that's what I have to do. Unfortunately you can't run with a little buckeroo until 6 months of age (something about their head bobbing along in the stroller), so thats on the back burner for a little while. 

2) Drink Lots of Water
       I can already tell you that I'm currently failing at this. Fail. Fail. Fail. We've all heard that you should drink lots of water (64 oz. to be exact....I think) each day. Its a way to fill up your tummy with good stuff, so that you don't consume extra unneeded calories. 

3) Nix the junk
       For the most part, I enjoy healthy food and I eat healthy about 90% of the time. At home with Nolan all day my daily staples are whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and banana, Greek yogurt with lots of fruit, wheat germ and flax seed, egg white sandwiches with avocado and tomato, and tuna hummus veggie wraps.  Previously, I've exercised so frequently, that I have for the most part been able to eat what I want. If I wanted a cheese burger, no problem. If a bagel was looking good, go right ahead. With my exercise time much more limited now, I need to counter balance with being more conscious of the food and portions that I'm consuming. 
       The other 10% of my diet can get a little bit messy. Unfortunately, my alter ego loves sweets and I rarely turn down a dessert. Jon and I are guilty at indulging in a bowl (or two) of Moose Tracks ice cream every night religiously. I mean, we can't wait to finish dinner because we know we get to have our favorite frozen treat afterwards. Well, this has been nixed. Ice cream no more. I've got jeans to fit into people. 
       Oh, and I don't know if you've met my husband, but the kid can eat absolutely anything he wants and loose weight while doing it. This means that while we have some delicious treats in the house for him, I need to make sure that I don't indulge. Oh, temptations. 
My Progress:
       I've started sneaking in runs here and there. I'm running for 25-40 minutes when I can. But I can tell you, this body is moving a lot slower then I was pre-baby. Apparently there's a lot of catching up to do after not hitting the pavement for 9 months. The 8-12 mile runs that I was doing last Summer are a distant memory, and I've got a long way to go before I'm back there. I've got my eyes on the San Francisco Marathon next Summer, so I'm using that as an additional motivator. I've also been walking daily for 1-2 hours. I love Tahoe City, but at this point I have walked up and down these streets and paths more times than I wish to count. Luckily Nolan and Blue both make great walking companions.
       I've also made it down to the gym a few times in the past two weeks. Getting to the gym is my biggest challenge. Burning calories is a big priority so I often choose a thirty minute run over lifting weights. I've been tinkering with the idea of bringing Nolan along in his car seat to watch his mama work out, I've just yet to do it. Weight training is extremely important to my plan. Firming up my arms, chest, abs, legs and derriere will make me feel better and look better in my clothes. The few sessions that I've had have definitely made a difference, so I must persist on this one. 
       I've cut out a lot of junk food and I've cut back on putting calorie rich foods like avocado and cheese on my dishes. Breastfeeding gives you a ravenous appetite but luckily that has plateaued so I'm able to keep my hunger in check now. Instead of reaching for some chocolate when I have a sweet craving, I'm now making myself a cup of green tea or eating some fruit. They say that when getting in shape 80% of the magic depends on your nutrition and diet, and only 20% is your work out. So, I'll continue to pay lots of attention to what I'm consuming. 
I've got to go get ready for a walking date with a friend. 
Maybe you have a little weight loss goal of your own? 
If that's the case, maybe this little project will be motivation to you too. 
If so, share your progress and goals people! 
I'll share some tips and my progress along the way. 


  1. HAHAH!!! I hear ya, sista. My advice: hurry it up while you still have 6 weeks off. I'm not sure what your work schedule will look like, but mine SUCKS! If I roll my comatose, deliriously-sleepy bod out of bed at 7am, I'm BARELY to work by 9am. WTH takes two hours?!?! My commute is only 15 min. Oh--- diaper change, pumping, holding baby, dressing self, dressing baby, diaper change again, grabbing enough food items to constitute a lunch (and breakfast-- I have to eat at work), packing baby and paraphernalia for daycare, driving to daycare, going through drop-off routine, driving to work... That's a two hour routine, and there's no shower or breakfast in there. My beloved road bike sits in the garage, gathering dust. I'm usually so frickin' tired that the thought of a gym or real workout is outta the question. Plus, that would require N to have the free time needed to watch baby. On a good day, I take a 30 minute walk with baby, BOB, and Rosco. On a normal day- I have dinner instead. :-( Hopefully your journey is easier.

  2. Go Meg! I'm on a weightloss/healthy mission, but unfortunately it's more then 8 lbs : ( keep up the good work, i looovvveee your blog and plan on using your fitness goal as inspiration. Give my love to Nolan, Jon, & Blue

  3. D- Thanks for the dose of reality :(. I kind of figured it would go something like that. At least their totally worth it!

    Jenn- Yay for you! Its challenging, but worth it! The hardest part is getting started in the process. Can't wait to see you guys (hopefully sooner then later).