Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Wish List

       It's no secret that I love Tahoe in the Summer. The warm weather, the beach time, the activities. But, all good things must come to an end and sadly, Tahoe Summers always end just a little too soon for my liking. Luckily there's a light at the end of the tunnel, or should I say season. And that light comes in the form of Fall fashion. 
       I am far from a fashionable mama and sadly, I'm  finding that the longer I live in Tahoe the farther I get from stylish. When I moved here I made a silent promise to myself that I would not fall victim to what I will call "Tahoe Casual." Read: jeans, flip flops, t-shirts, fleece, sweatshirts, fleece, tank tops, down jackets, and more fleece. For us Tahoeites, when you have to actually get gussied up or head to the city it's cause for a mild heart attack. In these parts we value having a great set of skis (okay, not me personally), an awesome mountain bike, and the seasons best down jacket, and not the hottest boots or coats. Not to mention that the cost of living here and access to shopping make it all the more difficult (I know, cry me a river).
       So I've scoured the internet to come up with my Fall 2010 Wishlist. Some of these will remain, just that, a wish, while other things will end up in my closet. 
Drum roll's my 
Fall 2010 Wishlist

1)Blue Rubber Boots
I know I'm about a year late on this trend, 
but what can I say, I'm a late bloomer. 
These beauties are Hunter's. 
I found myself a knock off version and they now reside in my closet. 
Bring on the rain.
2) A simple and sweet initial necklace. 
I'd love to cart a little "N" and "J" around my neck, 
to remind myself of my boys when I can't be with them. 
I found this little beauty on etsy. 
Get your own here.
3) An airy print dress
I've had my eye on one of these for a while now. 
When I see a dress that I like, 
I always tell myself that I'll never have a reason to wear it. 
And then...all of the sudden... I have a reason, but none to wear. 
This fall, I'm blessed to go to the baptism of my niece, 
where I'll become her Godmother. 
Perhaps I'll show up wearing this?
4) Just a little bit short skinny jeans
Pairing these with some cute tennies would be picture perfect.
This pair can be found at jcrew.
5) Classic Tennies
I've been debating between grey or a more exciting color. 
We shall see what I decide.
6) A long necklace or two
Nothing polishes off a ho-hum outfit like some great jewelry. 
I have a special place in my heart for long necklaces. 
Something versatile perhaps?
Or maybe an antique locket?
Or something with a little color kick?
6) Yummy brown riding boots
There's nothing ground breaking here. 
I've loved them for years. 
Love looking at them every fall. 
And wish I could own 12 pairs. 
You can find these at madewell.
7) Some great fall blouses
Great to layer with sweaters, jackets and scarves. 
So many blouses, so little moo-lah.
Maybe this one?
Or perhaps this one?

Or better yet?

Are you drooling yet?
Have you done your fall shopping?
Do share!

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