Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Burger Bliss

       After Nolan's birth and a little down time at home Jon's busy schedule is back in full swing. Between working full time, preparing for the coming fall term of classes, attending volunteer fire training, and being a teachers assistant part time for EMS courses, he's one busy daddy. So, we make sure to take advantage of any downtime that he has. This past Saturday, we did just that. 
       We headed out with Nolan, the stroller and Blue with the hopes of grabbing drinks (I was dying for a beer!) and some snacks on the river. We were giddy when we landed ourselves at one of our favorite spots in Tahoe City. The Bridgetender patio. 
       One napping baby, two delicious beers 
and about 3000 calories of deliciousness later, 
we were two very happy parents. 

Oh, Blue Moon, how I've missed thee.
Their burgers and fries are completely divine. 
A happy Jon.
Nolan was a little angel while Mom & Dad 
enjoyed their hamburger and beer bliss. 
Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the patio, 
so Blue ended up tied up and waiting for us.
He kept his eye on us (and our food) though.
With baby in tow, 
we're slightly limited on what we're able to do
 in Tahoe so this was a perfect option. 
Makes me wish it was summer 12 months of the year.

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