Monday, August 30, 2010

3rd Barkday

       This Saturday marked Blue's 3rd Barkday. We've failed to celebrate his birthday in years past, it just always snuck up on us. This year the poor guy deserved a little recognition. The past 7 weeks have been a jolt to his reality. With Nolan running the show now, sometimes he doesn't get his breakfast until 3:00pm and there have been a time or two where he will stalk me in the house in order to tell me that he is out of water. Seriously. He stares me down until I get the hint.
He's the best pooch we could ever ask for. 
And the hardest thing about putting this post together 
was selecting photos. 
We have taken a few hundred too many in his lifetime.
So Bark Jo, Bug, Bugle T Dog, here's to you!

The day that we picked him out.
Okay, Blue picked Jon. 
The day we got to bring him home. 
All wrapped up in a bow.
His first car ride to the beach.
It was love at first sight when his paws hit the sand.

Blue's first day at work with Jon.
He has always loved him some snow.
We have threatened to contact a dog modeling agency 
many a time. I mean, come on, he's a good looking pup. 
 I have dreams of seeing him on a TV commercial, 
eating a bowl of kibble.

We enjoyed some doggie cupcakes to commemorate the occasion. 
Blue even got himself a few frosting-less ones. 
He's had us wrapped around his paws from day one. 
Happy 3rd Barkday Blue!

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  1. Happy Barkday Blue!!! I miss playing chuck-it with you! xoxoxoxo