Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Babs & Rebecca Take Tahoe, Part II

       And so the week continued...

Nothing says summer in Tahoe better than lunch 
on the deck at Sunnyside.

Gorgeous right?

We made the drive down to Emerald Bay for some photo ops too. 

Just slightly wind blown.
And we discovered a new favorite beach. 
Not sure how this spot eluded us for three years, 
but we've found it and love it. 

Unfortunately, little Nolan isn't yet allowed to bask in the sun, 
so we kept him buried in his stroller.
Soon kiddo, you can enjoy the Tahoe beaches too.
On their last night in town Jon's mom treated us to an 
amazing farewell dinner on the lake.

It was a great week and we can't wait until their next visit.
Got to run...there's a baby crying. 

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  1. LOVE IT! Such a great trip! How's the little keebler elf doing? Are you getting some sleep?