Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 Weeks Old

       Nolan's first four weeks of life have flown by. I'm afraid that before I know it, I'll go to pick him up in the morning and he'll be telling me what kind of cereal he wants for breakfast. He's been gaining weight and getting bigger day by day. All the clothes that were too big for him when we brought him home from the hospital now fit. Sigh.  Grandma Babs and Aunt Rebecca are coming out to meet him next week, and we can't wait. Maybe Jon and I will even get out of the house for a mini-date while they're here. A glass of wine  on the lake with the hubs sounds pretty divine.
       Jon and I dodged a bit of a bullet this week. We were going to take Nolan on his first camping trip on Saturday at a small lake near our house. We decided against it because it's getting chilly here at night (in the 30's) and I didn't know how fun a crying baby and a tent would be. That night a Summer storm rolled across the lake and the entire area was hit with wind, thunder, lightning, and rain.  Needless to say, we were very content to be at home with our newborn, instead of out in the woods, all wet.
       Here are some photos from our four week photo shoot.  
Both Nolan and Blue cooperated beautifully. 
I promise, I didn't even pose Blue- 
he just laid down right near his bro.


  1. Look at that belly!!! I am sooooo excited to get there, and yes, Grandma Babs and I will babysit and you and Jon can have some date time! : )

  2. That curly hair looks familiar!!!