Monday, August 16, 2010

Purge and Play

       Uh-oh. I'm guilty. I know this post is a bit delayed. Chalk it up to new motherhood, a crying infant (not that our perfect baby ever cries) and house projects. We spent last week cleaning the house (and this involved me renting a carpet shampooer and shampooing the rugs) and purging our junk. For some reason we had been holding onto scarves we've never worn, old candlesticks, and pots that we've since upgraded, just to name a few. But, our clutter it is no more. There are some lucky thrift store hunters that will soon have the pleasure of diving into our no longer needed treasures. 
       And now, with our freshly cleaned house, we've got house guests. Grandma Babs and Aunt Rebecca are in town and we've been playing too much to post. Here's a bit of a teaser. 
I promise I'll have more to share next week.
Including my newest undertaking (I'll start on Monday, I promise):
Project: Loose the Baby Weight

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