Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project Nursery: The ole' runner around

       Joanne's Fabric in Reno, Nevada is quite the sight midweek. I was there on Monday, to hunt down some fabric for one of my final (crossing my fingers that I'm almost done) nursery project. There's quite the collection of people looking for fabric on a Monday in Reno NV. 90% of them are over the age of 70,  some smell pretty terribly of cigarette smoke, and yes, one even had her oxygen with her. I'm certain I could learn enough about sewing to fill a book from this collection of shoppers, and I would be much better off if I did. Lets just say that I feel pretty great about my glamourous life when I'm walking the aisles of Joanne's on a Monday. I fit right in. 
       This week, I was there to find some fabric for a runner to sit atop our dresser-turned-changing-table. The dresser formerly resided in my bedroom growing up, but my generous parents parted with it so that I could put it to use for Baby Milam. 
She's a fine piece of furniture but she needed a little something. 

It took me some waddling up and down the aisles to settle on a fabric choice, but I finally decided that this was the best fit.
After taking some measurements of the dresser, I got to work. 
The dresser is 19" wide, so I measured out 23" of fabric. Giving myself 2" on each side to work with. 
After folding the fabric, I ironed the hems in place to help me when feeding it through the sewing machine. Then it was pedal to the metal
And presto, chango! I just need to add my changing pad a top the dresser and the changing station is complete. 
The runner only took me about 30 minutes to put together, and the 2 yards of fabric cost me $14.00. I'm working on making 2 pillows with the extra fabric that I have. 

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