Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Bees

       Us Milams have been busy bees this week, and I've hardly had time to check my email, let alone put words together to create a post. The week is winding down now, and  finally, we can sit down and breathe. At least for a minute. As the fire academy wraps up (he's at his final test, as I write this), I wanted to share a snapshot of what Jon's been up to over the past four months. I'm oh-so-proud of all the energy that he has been putting into studying and succeeding in the fire academy and we're oh-so-excited that we have some much needed free time coming up soon. 

       Saturday is our first day off together in about 6 weeks and we have plans. Big plans. An academy graduation and then a lunch date at our favorite restaurant! All of this will probably be followed by a nap with the pooch. Jon has about 4 months of sleep he needs to catch up on before little Milam comes along.

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