Friday, May 21, 2010

1 Baby, 2 Baby, 3 Baby- More!

       As friends keep popping out babies over the past few weeks, I've mentally been ticking off each of the births in my head, and my name is the next due date on the list. Scary. Just 3 weeks after me, my friend Brooke is expecting a little girl, and this week I got to throw her a shower to celebrate.
       You may remember last week I posted a look at some craft items that I had picked up, that I was putting together for this shower. Here's a look at how it all turned out. 
There was pink and white bunting.

Cupcakes galore.

Pink Petals.

And Baby Beecher (BB) Favors.

Oh, and the beautiful Mommy to be.

Here's the two of us, belly to belly. 
       After our friend took this picture, she said "Meg, you look huge!" This was followed today by someone else who let me know "I haven't seen you for a few days and you've doubled in size." Black. I must start wearing more black. 
       Can't wait to hear about Brooke's baby and swap rugrat stories!

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