Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Other Half of our Living Room

There is a dirty little secret when it comes to blogging: we only have to show what we want to show you. Our cameras let us hide other, not so complete areas. I've shared with you plenty regarding our planked wall space. What I haven't showed you, is the view from the planked looking into the other half of our living room. Sitting in our new large over sized chairs, this is the vacant view of the other side of our living room (it usually doesn't look quite this vacant, but I quickly shoved all random toys out of the shot…you know…to make us look like clean people).
Here's the arrival experience from our front door.
Inviting, isn't it?
This is how the space was looking from nearly the same exact vantage point after we moved in, so while it's currently bare, I think we're working with a nice clean fresh slate now.
The emptiness of this area is now driving Jon and I crazy. It leaves us feeling like after a full year in our home, the space is still so cavernous. Cavernous isn't good. Cozy is good. Warm is good. Furnished is good.  While no space in our house is yet finished, with progress in the dining room and along our planked wall, this is now where I will be turning my attention. 

I didn't jump right in on this space earlier, because frankly, I didn't have a clear vision for this area. I really needed to mull it over. After months of thinking and rethinking the direction we'll head in, we're finally getting started. I put together an initial design board to help set me off in the right direction. 
While this board is serving as a bit of a road map, I anticipate that the plans will evolve quite a bit during the design process. I'll break down the design board a bit in a future post, but just to keep you in the loop, those couches should be here in about three weeks, the rug has been ordered (but is currently on back order and not expected until mid June), the bamboo shades are on their way, and the botanical art just shipped. So yeah, things are happening. As I begin to start installing the major key players, that should help give me direction with all of the styling, accessories and side tables that need to be layered in. I don't want to rush this space, but we are super eager to have it looking a bit more welcoming.

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