Monday, April 7, 2014

The Behemoth Wall: A Progress Report

I am so happy to finally be writing this post. You'll see why in just one moment (don't you go scrolling down on me now). You might remember that way back when, I began talking to you about our big ole' behemoth wall that flanks one side of our living room.
It looked like this on our final walk through before receiving our keys.
And, very sadly, it looked like this for several months while we settled in.

Yes, we lived like that.
I revealed my thoughts and ideas for it here,
and shared my original design plan for the space.
It took us about five weeks, but we finally got that wall planked,
and hung up some frames and new wall sconces.
I never shared a full update after that,  but we did change out the switch plates and put some photos in our beloved frames. The next time you really saw it was a glimpse I shared of how the wall was looking  just after we finished the floors (sans frames, as they had yet to been rehung).
But now I have some more fun to show you. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? I finally ordered two large chairs to fill the void of this 17' wall, but they were on back order and set to be delivered in early June. I was hopeful that the delivery schedule would get bumped up, and amazingly it did. I got a call while sitting in the hotel room, displaced from our house during the flooring install, that our new delivery date was April 2nd (I think that bit of good news helped us to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel). April 2nd was also about two weeks after we finished our install, which was our most preferred time to be setting furniture out (so that the sealer was fully hardened). When does timing like this with a home reno project actually work out? Sometime around then, I also purchased this rug at an absolute steal of a price (it was 50% off at the time), as well as picked up the side table I had mentioned, AND purchased a couple of throw blankets on clearance with a store credit that I had. I was going crazy with the idea of actually being able to install this area of our house…and actually have a nearly completed space.

Well, guess what? The chairs were delivered on Wednesday, and I've been smiling from ear to ear ever since.

This is now the view just to the left of our front door 
and kitchen area, taken from the same spot as the first
image in this post.

This space isn't done yet.  I'm not sure if they ever are.  I shopped the house quickly and styled it with some pillows that I had on hand, books, and a plant from our bedroom, so that will all be evolving a bit. Shopping for just the right floor poufs has literally turned into a full time job for me. And, I've got plans for that half window (as well as the window to it's right). We should have everything on hand that we need to install the window treatments this weekend, and I'm predicting another big transformation in the space when those go up.

The best part of this all, is that Jon and I are equally smitten. It captures how we wanted our home to feel. It has given us hope that we really can turn this place into a home that we love and it's keeping us motivated to push onward to the next thing on our list. 

If you aren't quite tired of hearing me babble on about this space yet, come back later this week where I'll break down all of the details and  tell you how you can very easily (and fairly affordably I might add) put together a similar look in your house. I also wanted to thank my photog assistant, who really helped me put this all together this past weekend.
Thanks Buzz.

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