Monday, May 12, 2014

Dining Room Bidness

I've been quiet and I apologize. My day job has been kicking my butt.  Days off have been few and far between and long hours running around managing events have been leaving my feet feeling broken. Things haven't necessarily come to a halt at the house (Jon has made some great progress on our baseboards and door trim), but I've barely had the energy to shower, let alone blog. I'm coming out of my haze a bit now though, so hopefully we can get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Two weeks ago, I revealed our new dining room light fixtures, but the room was still looking quite…bare, you might say?
We didn't stop at the light fixtures, and things have been happening in there. For starters, our dining room window finally got it's own set of curtains to tie in with our living room treatments, and it greatly helped to soften up the space, and warm up our white walls.

With the curtains up, the space was SCREAMING to have its area rug finally set in place. So I broke down and ordered the Dash & Albert rug that I had been pining over for months. If you follow me on instagram, you may know that it arrived this past weekend (Happy Mothers Day to me) and I was dying to see it unveiled, so I moved that table and rolled it out all by my lonesome.
As for the baseboards I mentioned, we've decided to keep it clean and modern with a hearty 41/2" board that Jon cut for our house. They've yet to be filled, sanded, and painted, but its already making a difference (our white paint will warm up the flat white of the primer).
Next up, I'm dying to get some art up on those wall to break up all the white, and to add some color. I've been wavering on the color of the frames, and which artwork to choose, so I don't have any afters to show you just yet. 

Nonetheless, I think we've still made some progress since we closed on the place a year ago:

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