Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Year One of being a Homeowner: My Not So Favorite Things

Yesterday I shared with you my favorite things about our home, and now I'm back to fill you in on all of the funky little bits about this house that drive me a bit mad.

We all have them. I'm talking about all of the spots that your friends and neighbors might not notice, but as the homeowner, you do. Maybe you didn't notice them when you first toured the house, but after facing them day in and day out, they irk you. These are the quirky, outdated and funky bits of our home that I haven't pointed out here yet.

1) The Baseboards in our Master Bedroom
They are teeny-tiny, thin and don't match. Unfortunately, we have to wait until we change out the carpeting ($$$) before we can install heartier ones.
2) The Window Casings, or lack there of,  in our Master Bedroom
Yep, that's a nail sticking out from under one of our windows. Gorg, right? I can see this spot from my vantage point in bed, and I'm constantly asking: How did that nail get left like that?
3) This Light
It's on our pitched ceiling above our kitchen (which has yet to be painted), and quite frankly, I don't know what to do with it.  I'm open to suggestions.
4) This Window
Can you say, "off centered"? It's one of the first things you see when you walk through the front door (that baby gate is only temporary, and it should be gone in about a year) and it's thrown me for a bit of design challenge as to try to camouflage it's imbalance.
5) This Unfinished Wall
The lack of molding on the upper portion of this wall kills us. Angers us actually. It's like this wall was constructed, and just left out to die. We have a quick and affordable fix in mind. We. just. need. the. time. to. get. it. done. 
6) This Plant Ledge...and Entire Wall
The wall in general screams 80's to me with all of its harsh edges. I don't need a ledge to set my plants on thank you very much. That unattractive (cheap!) track lighting system is an eyesore and that cut-out way up high with the bad trim. Oy vey. I'm tossing around solutions and when the timing is right, I'll gently present them to Jon and see if I can get him on board (and no, we haven't finished painting that high ridge of the ceiling).
7) The Carpeting in our Master Closet
The steely blue carpeting in our bedroom (and previously in our entire house), butts up to a royal blue shade in our closet. Need I say more?
Tell me I'm not alone in having spots in our house that drive me crazy. Do you have little corners, hidden nooks, and angles that you hate looking at? Trust me, this isn't the full run down, these are just the top picks that came to my mind.

Come back tomorrow where I'm sharing what I've learned in the first year of home ownership.

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