Wednesday, May 28, 2014

They Have Arrived!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Ours was amazing. It was every bit the recharge and rest that our family needed. It had probably been six months to a year that Jon and I last had three days off together and to boot, it was perfect weather. So, we decided to have a bit of a staycation. We avoided doing any house projects and chores, and instead spent Saturday at a friends cabin at Lake Tahoe (I hope to share more on that cabin soon), spent Sunday riding bikes, going to the pool and BBQ'ing with friends, and on Monday we headed to Donner Lake for a walk followed by an afternoon of napping. With our house finally shaping up to feel like our home, it served as a great retreat during the down moments of the weekend. Jon, un-prompted, even eeked in a total garage clean out which has the place functioning again after a season of constant DIY. 

But back to blogging news.

I received a surprising call on Thursday, that our couches would be delivered the following afternoon. As we both had to be at work, I made some last minute arrangements to have our neighbor (Thank you Sue!) wait for the driver at our house. Fortunately, I was able to rush home and the delivery was late so I was here to greet them. 

Do you remember the last image I shared of the space?
Well, wa-lah!
While I've admitted that brown leather wasn't my first choice for sofas, I'm happy with them. It did take me a moment however, as I wasn't use to having so much furniture on that side of the room!  In my opinion, he brown leather is a nice traditional material,  while the straight arms keeps them clean and modern. We want to ensure that our house stays appropriate for a mountain home, and I think the brown leather does a good job of that, and provides some contrast to the white walls.

Okay, I know I know. It's still very empty. I agree, however we've got the building blocks in place to start decorating this space. Having never seen the couches before, I was nervous for their delivery. I couldn't even watch them be unwrapped when they were delivered. What if I had made a huge, costly mistake? I'm very happy to say, that the couches are 100% of what I was expecting them to be from the online images and from the reputation of the company.
They are deep and comfortable with just the right amount of cush and firmness.
 And while I had been concerned that they would end up having too much red tone in them, in the end I'm happy with their brown color
(although its hard to get the color just right in photos).
You may have noticed that that wasn't the only addition to the space.
I also proceeded and ordered the Chunky Wool & Jute Rug from Pottery Barn.
I'll share with you more about this rug,
and why I made this choice soon.
I also remain really happy with the value of the sofas for the price that we paid.  Our initial goal was to spend $3,000.00 on the two sofas. Considering that initial choices I was looking at were in the $6,000-$7,000.00 (for two) range, I'm really happy that we ended up at $3,300.00 after our 20% off discount. Here's a round up of comparable leather sofa options that I considered and their price points:
 1. Birch Lane: $1999.00- They offer sales frequently, and I got ours at 20% off with no tax.
 2. West Elm: $2,699.00
3. Pottery Barn: $2,799.00
 4. Leather Furniture Expo: $7899.00, final price dependent on depth & custom leather
5. Crate and Barrel: $2,999.00
6. JCP: $4.995.00- Big sales are always available
7. Restoration Hardware: $2,875.00-dependent on depth and leather option
***Prices noted are before tax, delivery, and applicable surcharges.
So what about my plans for a coffee table?
I plan on repurposing our current gigantic ottoman,
which should be affordable and look awesome in the space.
I'm dying to tackle that project, as I think it is going to be the next big
change in the space.
Stay tuned for the low down on my ottoman plans and how I ended up
with that Pottery Barn rug!

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