Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I got really wordy with ya'll a while ago and told you about my hunt for just the right leather sofas for our living room. Well, our leather sofas took a back seat (puns are awesome) for a bit, while we worked on several other things. I was planning on West Elm's Henry version, but I like to make it a competition and try to beat myself on pricing so I was still keeping my eyes out for a more affordable option.

We had decided somewhere along the way to go with two sofas, as opposed to a sectional. We liked the freedom of placement that two separate pieces gave us, and we think we'll be able to use them better in a future home.

Then two weeks ago, a catalogue arrived. Nothing new there. That's a daily occurrence. Jon told me he has decided not to toss them out anymore because they make me so happy. And that they do, but I also think that they are really great for comparison shopping.  This one was from Birch Lane. I had heard the name and thought they were a reputable brand,  but hadn't shopped them previously.

Well, low and behold, while flipping through their pages. I spotted something...
Hmm….the Fletcher...not a bad option.

And the price...$1999.00. Its smaller love seat friend was also available at a friendly $1,899.00.

Hmm...not too hard to swallow.

Oh, what's this? 20% off your first purchase
You know they were talking my language now, so just try to imagine what happened next. 

YOU GUESSED IT! I went online, plugged in my code only to find that they don't charge tax (I've yet to grasp online tax policies) and that shipping was totally reasonable at less than 200 bones.

So...what I'm trying to say is....they are on their way. Wait, let me say it again....WE HAVE SOFA'S ON THE WAY TO OUR HOUSE! OUR LIVING ROOM WILL NO LONGER BE ONLY 25% FURNISHED (more like 75% now)!

Truth be told, these aren't the leather sofas of my dreams, but because the leather sofas of my dreams cost double this (and then some) they are turning into the sofas of my dreams pretty quickly. A good price can do that to you, can't it?

I can't wait for the extra seating, dog hair-less cushions, and "I don't care what my child spilled because I'll wipe it up,  leather". I'll share them with you when they arrive, as well as my plan for that half of our living room. 

With bated breath, Meg.


  1. They're beautiful, Megan!! I love them, and I really hope you love them once they arrive!!

    1. Thanks! Me too! Either way they are going to be an upgrade from our seating situation at the moment :).