Friday, April 18, 2014

Put a Rug On It

*** I know I mentioned that we'd be installing some window treatments this past weekend but life happened. We took a day off to play. Jon's been working a bit extra. And then there was Easter to prepare for and lots of yard work to do. But I'll have that little reveal to show you soon. Promise.

I wish someone had told me when we decided to install hardwood floors, that I should set aside about 2k for purchasing area rugs immediately thereafter. Hardwood floors are kind of hard ya'll. And rugs are kind of expensive, ya'll.

I've been playing with a moodboard of area rugs for a few months now, trying to get my combination just so. I need several, to be rolled out in our dining room, kitchen, entry, and two for the living room. While I love a big statement rug, I definitely gravitate towards more neutral rugs (shocking, I know) for the long haul for our home. I don't want a pattern that I will tire of or is trendy. I want a collection of rugs in our home that will compliment one another and flow well. Rugs that will provide lots of texture and bring dimension.

I think after much editing, online browsing, and comparison shopping, I've come up with a plan I like (all is subject to change, mind you):
1) Along our plank wall:
This is the area rug that we've already purchased and set in place along our plank wall. Nailed it on the price and the look, if I do say so myself.
2) Kitchen:
With the beating that a kitchen floor takes and wanting to keep our floors pristine for as long as possible, we wanted a spacious indoor/outdoor option to cover lots of square footage near our sink area. I've loved Dash & Albert rugs for years, and I was so happy to finally bring this diamond patterned one home. I debated going with something with more color, but just. couldn't. do. it. It's working out super well, and I'm already feeling better about the protection that our kitchen floor is getting.

3) Dining room:
This is another beauty from Dash & Albert, and it's also an indoor/outdoor rug. I've read that they are the best in especially messy (read: kids) dining areas. I love this pattern and I haven't tired of it over the several months that I've been spying it (which is important to me). Really hope to purchase this baby sooner rather than later.

4) Entry:
Initially I was set on a vintage kilim rug in our entry, however I'm now leaning towards this indoor/outdoor Ballard Designs choice now. I only need a small 2' x 3' so its super affordable and can be swapped out easily.  After we finish our baseboards and get our new front door installed, I'm pretty sure I'm pulling the trigger on this bad boy.

5) Main Living Room:
This is the wild card. I need a large 9' x 12' option to go in our main seating area of the living room. I want something soft (that rules out natural fibers), something with some cushion (a flatweave probably wouldn't provide enough padded protection for the kiddos), and something affordable (duh). Currently, this diamond print wool blend rug is a front runner, and I think I can nab it for less then $500.00 which isn't bad considering its large size. But who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with something else.

Speaking of our main living room space, we may, may be getting our leather sofas sooner than I was expecting. But you'll have to stop back by in to hear more about that...

What do you think? Too neutral? Too much repetitive diamond/herringbone print?

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