Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The One That Got Away

We've been in our home for nearly a year (!!!!). I have some fun posts in the works looking back at where our home has been, and forward on where we hope it's going, but before I get to that...

In the two years that we spent shopping for a house, we estimate that we looked at 50-75 homes before we actually pulled the trigger on our fixer. Most of the homes we looked at were in our neighborhood, and I pass them regularly. They always bring back memories. But, there is one house in particular that pains me to think about (the pictures below actually make me cringe slightly). It's definitely the one that got away.

We never actually toured the house, as at the time it was over our budget. But we did do a couple of drive-bys.  This house closed almost exactly one year before we bought ours, and it actually wasn't the ideal time for us to be buying a home (Jon was looking for a position with a local fire department, and it would have made it impossible for us to live off of one income while he was in paramedic school), but I was still watching what was coming on the market at that time.

The history on the home is complicated, with it being listed and sold several times since about 2002. When it re-listed in 2012, it had been in the midst of a remodel and I think it was an inside sale. It was listed only briefly and rumor has it, the contractor working on the home purchased it from the sellers.

So yeah, it wasn't a real possibility for us at the time, but that doesn't mean I can get it out of my head.
It's in a different neighborhood, which wasn't our first choice as far as location, but
it sits on a quiet street, with lots of space between neighboring homes.
It is several hundred square feet larger than ours
(and by Tahoe standards huge for the price, at about 2300 sq ft)
and is on a flat, almost full acre lot.
Can you imagine Summers in that backyard!
It has an open floorplan,
but isn't quite as overwhelmingly open as our current home.
Picture a giant grey island with new pendant lights
adjacent  to a large area rug, dining pendant and big farm table.
Oh, and I'd definitely swap out those sliders for
some single pane French doors. Just for starters.
She already had hardwoods throughout, they just needed a good refinishing.
And GET this, it featured a white kitchen! A white kitchen in Tahoe! This is unheard of.
AND shaker style door fronts. OMG.
Man, I would have loved to style that kitchen out
with a vintage kilm rug, a new backsplash, a roman shade and some hardware.
 The bedrooms were perfect empty slates for some personality.
And it looks as though the door and trim work throughout were on the higher end
(however, the pictures could certainly be deceiving).
The most painful part, is the buyer got a SCREAMING deal on the place. It closed for substantially less then what we paid, and I think there is amazing value in that flat lot. It was in need of a rear deck, and the master bathroom wasn't completed, but COME on. Someone hit the real estate jackpot with this baby, and it wasn't us.
Is there a home that you didn't nab up when you should have? Do you still think about it?

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