Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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I mentioned that Jon and I are so happy with how our most recent update turned out. It came together pretty close to how I had envisioned it, which is not always an easy feat to achieve. Surely, after my kids start using the chairs as a jungle gym and Blue inevitably finds his way onto them, it won't continue to look quite so photo worthy, but for the time being we're treating our new area with kid gloves. Truly though, one of my most favorite things about the space is that none of it is precious. I pieced everything together from affordable retailers, and while there were certainly costs involved, I think I got everything at really fair prices. If you want to achieve something similar, it is so possible, and I put together a cheat sheet to help you do so.

We haven't had everything for long enough to really see how they will wear in time, but here are my reviews based on first impressions:

Chairs: Only the test of time will tell how these babies stand up to the beating our family will surely give them, but as for looks, stability, and comfort I'm completely happy with them. The fact that they are slipcovered leaves me breathing easy when Nolan plops himself down on them. We purchased the chair-and-a-halfs, coming in at a whopping 54" wide, but if your space is smaller, try them out in the traditional size of 42" wide. And remember you never have to pay full price on them. Expect to get them at 40-50% off their full retail if you wait for a sale.

Area Rug: If you're in the market for a natural fiber area rug, but want something soft under foot and easy on the pocketbook, then I highly recommend this RUGS USA version.  I may be singing a different tune in a year after seeing how it wears, but at $200.00 if something gets spilled, it's not a shot to the ego to replace it.  I would even recommend it for a kids room.

Side Table: I'm so happy with the look of this wicker table, and the price tag of $59.00 makes me like the look even more. But, it is an Ikea piece of furniture and it was collapsed (it took me forever to find it in the store, because I wasn't expecting it to be on a shelf folded up!) and needed minor assembly after purchase. Nolan has been running some serious quality control tests on this thing, and I cringe slightly each time he climbs inside it, but then I remember that it was less then sixty dollars. I can zip tie and duct tape that thing back together if needed and I won't give it a second thought. It's a bit wobbly, but it will work for us and was sixty dollars well spent.

Wall Sconces: These babies are currently on sale for only $80.00 ,which is a great price if you're in the market for something with this look. Jon questions their sturdiness a bit, but as long as you don't plan on doing pull ups from them and adjusting their positioning all of the time, I think they're great. And did I mention that they are only $80.00?

Galvanized Tray: I knew that the uneven texture of the wicker table would drive me bananas and I loved the look of the galvanized tray up top, so when Jon gave me the go ahead to just pull the trigger and buy one, I ordered one from OneKingsLane. I had spied it a couple of months ago and hadn't forgotten about it. It was $35.00 and available with free shipping (and arrived within only a few days), but the crazy part is….it was made for this wicker basket! They have the exact same dimensions. So there is plenty of space to rest a beverage without concern for it tipping over. You can get a smaller and more affordable version at Target for just $20.00.

Threshold Frames: Oh, divine affordable frames. How I love thee. I was able to take advantage of sales  and nab ours for about $13.00 each. I love their contrast to the white wall and the character of the walnut wood. I have them in several rooms in our house, and they continue to be a favorite piece of mine. I have to resist the urge to use them everywhere!

Pillows: I picked up the yellow striped pottery barn pillows at our local thrift store in amazing condition for $10 bucks each (including down fill inserts), but there are countless sources for affordable pillows, and I thought these target versions were a comparable option.

West Elm Throw: I found so many sources for throws that I loved, but most of them came with big price tags. These striped versions were on clearance for $10.00 each at West Elm, and I had a store credit, so I brought them home for free. Nolan gravitates towards blankets so whenever I find him rolled up in one on the floor, I don't give it a second because they can be replaced no-prob.

Happy Decorating Peeps.

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